How Michael Zeineddine Conquered California

Thursday, October 30, 2014 | 7:41 pm

Armed with the passion for helping people, Michael Zeineddine came to the United States in 1980 as a young graduate of Classical Political Science from a university in Beirut, Lebanon.

Fast forward 34 years later, Michael now runs a successful company with the ultimate goal of helping people with their tax problems. “I started doing taxes first. We used to be an insurance agency.”

Michael opened his own tax service company, MZ Services, six years ago. Before delving into running his own business, he and a friend engaged in power trading in New Jersey for about seven years.

A real down-to-earth person, Michael found it easy to relate and interact with others. With his own tax service company, he is able to reach out to many people by offering services with the sincere aim of helping.

“I like people; I’m a public person,” Michael revealed about himself.

MZ Services offers services on income tax preparation and filing for all States in the Union, payroll, bookkeeping, and estate taxes. It also helps non-profit organizations and offers in compromise with the IRS and the State of California.

For people that are facing an audit, Michael said, “We do represent people in an IRS audit if they need it.”

His background in law makes this man a Jack of all trades; “I do some legal paperwork, [too]. I’m a notary public.” He helps customers start new business by forming Corporations, LLC’s, wills, and trusts among other legal documents such as drafting legal agreements for partnerships and corporations.

Michael admits that it was challenging for him at first to settle into California. Having spent a good deal of his time here in Utah, coming to our fair state was a huge change; “It was a multicultural state which it was fascinating, this kind of social mix of languages, and Cultures teaches us how to interact together and accept ones another.”

His tenacity and genuine thirst for knowledge led Michael to conquer the challenges of his new life. His experience only served to strengthen his resolve to make life easier for others.

With the recent tax season, Michael found himself busy with running his business. “This time of the season was tremendous especially with the recent law changes, especially in the Health Insurance Industry or the so called Obama care,” Michael shared.

However, he saw it as one tremendous opportunity to do what he loves: helping people and solving problems.

MZ Services is located at 3212 East Colorado Blvd. For more information, please call (626) 584-8100.


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