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International candy retail chain opens in Old Pasadena

Friday, August 8, 2014 | 9:19 pm

It'Sugar opens in Old Pasadena.

It’Sugar Chief Gummy Bear Jeff Rubin never met a person who didn’t like candy. Since 2006, he has been helping spread that love of everything sweet all over the world.

It’Sugar (”It’s Sugar”) had brought its sugary stockpile to Old Pasadena, opening their newest store (including the UK, Dubai and the Cayman Islands)  at 1100 W. Colorado Blvd.

“I grew up around candy,” Rubin told Pasadena Now. “ I was the kid at the end of the driveway selling candy to the neighbors.”  It was also the family business, he said.

Founded by Jeff Rubin in 2006, this saccharine experience has become one of the largest and fastest growing specialty candy and gift retailers in the world, with retail locations in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Scottsdale, San Diego and Palm Beach, in addition to their aforementioned stores in London, Dubai, and Grand Cayman.

The store is an explosion of candy featuring over hundreds of private-label It’Sugar brands, along with a wide range of crazy concoctions and confections, from SNL Candy (yes, there is such a thing), to more than ten tropical flavors of Gummy Bears.

It’Sugar is is the first new retail shop of three that will move into in the former home of Barnes & Noble Books on Colorado.

“It’Sugar is all about letting loose, indulging and having a good time,” says Rubin, CEO and Founder of It’Sugar. (His card actually reads “Chief Gummy Bear.”)

“We’re saying, ‘Treat yourself. You work hard. Be nice to yourself.” Actually, says Rubin, “We have two purposes—satisfy your sweet tooth and make somebody laugh.”

The store will feature the World’s Largest Box of Nerds, The World’s Largest SweeTarts Candy, and It’Sugar’s very own 5 lb Gummy Bear Keg.

The store also has an array of fashion and novelty items, like tee shirts and fun tech accessories such as iPhone cases and headphones as well as entire sections dedicated to licensed products and gifts.

“It’s just attitude and fun,” Rubin emphasizes.

 It’Sugar is at 1100 W. Colorado Boulevard.



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