How To Celebrate Mother’s Day In Ways That Will Make Mom Feel Special

Monday, May 14, 2018 | 8:37 pm

Mother’s Day is coming. (Surely you haven’t forgotten?) If you’re still thinking of how to make your mom’s day, you’re in luck.

Every mom loves a good hearty meal – especially when they haven’t had to cook it themselves. Along with a trip to a top-rated restaurant, there are a number of other ways to make your mom happy this Mother’s Day:

Don’t let her cook
Mother’s Day is the one day where her meals should be placed right in front of her. It doesn’t matter if you’re the world’s worst cook. Buy her some baked goods and take her to a fancy restaurant for lunch or dinner. The Mixx in Pasadena is holding a Mother’s Day brunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. With a menu full of delights she can choose from things like: Organic Free Range soft scrambled eggs, or House made chicken sausage, or maybe some Apple smoked bacon to go along with the Brioche French toast.
There will also be Grilled Vegetable Salad, and Fresh Fruit Salad to enjoy. She can also have some Smoked Salmon or Champagne Poached Bay Scallops along with some Organic Greens, Oyster Mushroom Orecchiette Pasata, and Italian Pork Proscetta and Potato Gratin to round out the brunch buffet menu for this Mother’s Day.

Spend some quality time
Spending the day doing some of your favorite things, like listening to some great live Jazz music at The Mixx to go along with the great brunch buffet you will be enjoying together, is some quality time everyone can get on board with. Being able to just relax with mom, and let her enjoy the Bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys while enjoying those great Jazz sounds will make a memory she will enjoy again and again.

Time for some pampering
Your mom deserves to have a completely relaxing day. Why not arrange for her to spend the next few hours of her day at the spa after your brunch at The Mixx? Book her in for a massage, and a facial, rounded off with some great aromatherapy and she’ll be eternally grateful to you for making her day of papering a truly great memory to share with others for years to come.

Round it out, and let her relax all day
After taking your mom to The Mixx for a great brunch buffet, and some of those great Jazz sounds, and then giving her some spa time, bring her home to a house that has been cleaned and is ready for her to finish out her relaxing day in with her feet on some pillows, and her loved ones catering to her every whim for the rest of Mother’s Day.

Make your reservations now to make sure that you and mom will have a great brunch at The Mixx on Mother’s Day, and some top notch spa time following. Enjoy all they have to offer, and show your mom just how much you love her, and heed the other tips provided here to ensure that mom has one of her best days ever at the hands of those who love her most, you.

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