How to Have a ‘Perfect’ Wedding: Latest Tips from Professional Planner

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 | 9:40 pm

LASO-JolieThere are few days as memorable as a wedding day. From the perfectly posed photos to divine wedding cakes, there are many details that make up the big day and it can be hard not to get caught up in the planning.

Emily Luther, the store manager of La Soie Bridal in Pasadena, speaks from experience and offered some tips on how to have the wedding of your dreams. She starts working with couples as far as a year in advance of their wedding and helps them craft their ideal day.

“The industry is always changing. So there’s always new things to there that become popular. And then there’s you just never know. So it’s very exciting for me,” she said.

This season, Shabby Chic is a popular choice in dresses and cakes. Wedding dresses aren’t just white anymore – many brides choose champagne or ivory instead. Luther adds that floral overlays and illusion necklines are trendy now but that brides should choose whatever they feel most comfortable in.

“[Brides are] trying different things and I think that’s so cool – I’m really up for anything, it gives us so much to kind of play around,” she said.

Many brides also choose to express their personality in food. Luther notes that many weddings take Shabby Chic to the next level with “naked cakes.” Unlike traditional, fondant-covered wedding cakes, these cakes are decorated with buttercream, chocolate and fruits or flowers.

“It’s really kind of unique and goes with the shabby chic themed wedding that is really big right now. They’re very minimal but people really liked them. I think they’re more a conversation piece,” said Luther.

Luther works with couples in all stages of their lives and is very conscious of budget – it’s the number one stressor when it comes to planning.

“I think find what you value the most, for me again it’s photography… Just really prioritize what’s the most important to you and what you really want to spend your money on the big day,” she said.

No matter what style you chose for your celebration, Luther wants every couple to remember the focus of their wedding.

“I think the happiest brides that I ever worked with are the brides that are like, ‘I just can’t wait to marry this man, he’s just the love of my life and I’m so excited.’ Those brides really understand what it’s all about. I mean the day is about you, your husband, having the best day ever and celebrating the love that you have for each other,” said Luther.

For more advice on your big day and help finding that perfect dress visit La Soie Bridal on 650 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, visit or call (626) 356-9889.

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