How to Wear a Kilt

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 | 8:46 pm

Have you ever considered buying a kilt, but you are worried you would not “pull it off?” Here are a few handy tips for how to wear this charming, distinctive garment, full of history.

“A kilt goes with whatever outfit you can dress it down with a t­shirt or dress it up with a tux shirt and it works just the same. And that’s part of the beauty of the garment is the versatility,” said J.T Centonze, the owner of Off Kilter Kilts.

There will of course be people who will want to seem to know everything about how you should wear your kilt. But don’t worry about them – they just want to preserve the old fashioned image of Highland dress. In reality a kilt can be so much more. It’s a living, evolving fashion, and adding one’s own distinctive touches to it is encouraged – as long as the touches don’t cause offence to others who hold their heritage dear.

In general, however, there are very few rules to follow. First of all, the pleats go to the back! It might seem obvious, but you would be surprised. Those long stockings, hose, should not be sparkling white. Hose should be colored to blend in with the tartan being worn. As an exception to the rule, the off-white, creamy color of undyed yarn goes extremely well with some kilts. And be careful not to wear a kilt in a way that may offend someone’s heritage.

Aside from these pointers, however, the most important rule is that there are no rules. A Highland dress is not a uniform (though it may be part of one) or a fancy dress. In general you should just think of a kilt as a pair of trousers. If you want to wear it with a T-shirt and flip flops to the barbeque, then feel free to do so.

For more kilt advice and a custom fitting visit Off Kilter Kilts at 2610 East Colorado Boulevard Pasadena. Call them at (626) 817-­9999 or visit for more information.



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