Impact Drug Court Programs Change Lives

Friday, October 7, 2016 | 7:51 pm

The treatment program available at Impact has the respect and admiration of many judges, commissioners, attorneys, probation officers, parole agents, and others involved in the judicial and community supervision communities. The value of our program rests entirely on the integrity of the program managers, caseworkers, and court liaisons that evaluate and report each client’s treatment experience.

If you are an attorney who is representing a client who has been arrested for petty theft, or identity fraud or other low level, non-violent crimes—there is a good chance that your client is struggling with an addiction issue and those crimes are committed in order to raise money to finance a habit. Courts may recognize this and could direct your client into a drug court program.

A Drug Court is a specialized court that offers offenders who are addicted treatment services in lieu of prosecution. Their treatment is supervised by a judge, who relies on the treatment professionals to help in determining the appropriate level of care. Additionally, the judge is informed of how well the individual is doing in treatment through detailed progress reports. Success in the program means that the individual is living a life of recovery and has had their sentence reduced or dismissed. Impact makes no guarantees as to individual outcomes as we are a service provider. It is the courts that make any final determinations.

An Impact representative can be available in person for every court appearance to speak to the courts with regard to the Impact treatment program. An Impact representative can also be available to accept a client directly from the courts or a correctional facility as a condition of their release.

Please visit the Impact website: for more information about how to enroll in Drug Court. Impact has two locations in Pasadena. Inpatient: 1680 North Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 798-0884; Outpatient: 1450 North Lake Ave, 2nd floor (626) 564-4240. If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction, contact them today.




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