In Pursuit of Perfection

Parfaire Medical offers skin care using the newest equipment

Friday, April 24, 2015 | 7:38 pm

There are so many claims on how to turn your skin from dull to radiant, and so many spas and salons that promise major skin transformation.  But how do you know you’re at the right spa getting the right treatment?

What’s even more concerning is how do you know if someone is truly qualified to administer something as potentially dangerous as Botox?

The thing is, you don’t…unless, of course, you go to a physician-run medical spa.

Parfaire Medical Aesthetics stands out because “We have Dr. Winnie, an American Board certified doctor who trained extensively in cosmetic medicine in Beverly Hills and Europe and is the main treatment provider here at Parfaire.  Because our physician is always here, we operate as a true medical practice, and since we offer aesthetican services as well, we also consider ourselves similar to a day spa.”

Parfaire has a number of time-stopping and age-reversing treatments that almost magically restore and revitalize skin, making it more youthful, lifted, clear, and parfait (note that parfaire means“to make perfect” in French).

Dr. Winne goes on to explain some of the treatments she is most proud of: “Our state-of-the-art resurfacing treatment that delivers stunning results in one treatment, which can take 3 or 4 different treatments to get similar results with other older technologies.  Our patients are also extremely happy with our skin clearing and pigmentation correcting treatment because they see dramatic improvements after just 1 or 2 treatments.”

“We also get great results with our non-surgical neck lift.  And to care for and maintain skin, we offer aesthetican services that includes the advanced medical grade SilkPeel facial system which uses advanced microdermabrasion for a significantly more therapeutic effect than a regular facial.”

One of the unique treatment programs that the doctor created is called the “Parfaire Perfection Program.” According to Dr. Winnie, “this program consists of a carefully orchestrated sequence of six different treatments that can make you look 10 years younger in 10 weeks or less.  And the results last a long time because the treatments stimulate and boost your own skin’s natural regeneration and new growth cycle.”

Dr. Winnie adds that Parfaire only uses the newest and most advanced medical technologies. “In order to get the best results, it has to be done at the right temperature and the right depth for the right duration. Older technologies operate less effectively. Our treatments thus give better results with less treatments, less downtime, and less pain.”

How to protect and make your skin perfect? Head to Parfaire and you just might get your answer.

Parfaire Medical Aesthetics is located at 101 S. Madison Ave., Pasadena.  For more information, call (626) 844-7273 or visit

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