In this Hyper Digital Age, We Need Real Estate Agents More Than Ever

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 | 9:16 pm

“Do we really need a real estate agent?” ask a number of potential homebuyers who think they have completed their real estate research. Having read up on the essentials and drafted the list of what they need when buying or selling a house, they assume they can soldier on without an agent.

However, buying a home is a crucial and important financial endeavor—no matter how much you have brushed up on house-buying basics, you need an expert to walk you through from the time you select properties to the moment you sign the contract. Flying solo seems like an unwise choice when you’re making one of the, if not the most, important purchase of your life.

“Clients are more educated,” said Gustavo Rojas of Town Square Real Estate, a boutique real estate company in Pasadena. “[However] it’s a double-edged sword. They have that sort of self-education but obviously when you teach yourself something it’s skewed to a degree. You learn what you want to learn.”

He pointed out that this makes real estate agents still relevant, clients’ intensive research notwithstanding. “Agents in general are a necessity and a benefit to them because they’re specialists in the industry who will be able to guide the clients through the things that they are unaware of or the things that they’ve learned incorrectly,” he said.

In selecting the agent who will have your back from start to finish, it’s best to look one from a company that knows the industry by heart, commits to providing the best personalized service to buyers and sellers, and even provides tailor-made solutions to consumer needs not met in the marketplace. Town Square Real Estate is one fine example.

Rojas expounded on his company’s strengths and philosophy. “We are a small boutique firm. One of the things that we do differently than most other real estate companies is we function as a true team.”

At Town Square, agents are continuously learning. “We share as much information as possible with industry trends, best practices, and current events. By sharing information, we believe that each individual will become a better person and a better agent, therefore providing better service to the client.” They are well-equipped and trained to answer the questions and meet the demands of their modern-day clients who have done their homework and possess a legitimate real estate knowhow.

“Do we really need a real estate agent?” Yes you do. Choosing the right real estate agent is just as important as the other decisions you need to make prior to buying or selling your home. “That’s the person that’s going to be meeting with you every weekend, every day, and he’s [going to] be fulfilling your financial and emotional dreams, right?”

Town Square Real Estate is located at 305 S. Hudson Avenue Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 449-9300 or visit



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