Inspiring Stories Can be Found Everywhere

Thursday, December 20, 2018 | 2:39 am

At this time of the year, people look for inspiring stories that give them a reason to believe in the goodness of life and the possibility that those who put in the time and effort will be rewarded with an opportunity and a chance to make a difference in the world around them. We have one such story happening right here in Pasadena.

Dr. Lisa Lien, DDS worked in the front office at Dr. Michael Yung’s dental practice after she graduated from college. Dr. Lien told Pasadena Now, “…once I finished undergraduate school, I wasn’t sure what to do. I always had an interest in dentistry and when I started with Dr. Yung, I saw his passion, and it helped me realize that this is a really great career path,” she said.

Dr. Yung, DDS is one of those inspirational people who takes time to help people. He mentored Dr. Lien at the early stages of her quest to become a general dentist and inspired her to make a choice in her life that led her down the path to the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at the University of Southern California.

“I started off in the front office and I learned all the work [and got] to know patients on a more personal level. [Dr. Yung] took me under his wing and we worked from there. When you work for people who really like what they do, it makes all the difference. When I came here to work, it made me feel at home [because we] treat our patients like family, and it’s been very fulfilling for me,” says Dr. Lien.

Dr. Lien then moved from the front desk to the back office, where she learned different aspects about dentistry from Dr. Yung. “I learned how to take impressions, how to take X-rays, and how to assist [the Drs] and see what [dentists] really do and how they take care of patients,” she says.

This training and mentoring from Dr. Yung gave her an advantage during her time at USC. “I had a really big leg up, all of my classmates would ask me how to do this, how to do that, and because I already had experience [that made things] a lot easier,” says Lien.

When asked why she chose to come back to Pasadena to practice her skills, Dr. Lien told us, “I’ve always wanted to settle in Pasadena. I think the people are great, and they’re very welcoming and friendly. Having already got used to working with Dr. Yung and his staff, it just kind of all fell together. So, it was really nice because I’m already familiar with everything they do here.”

We also asked her about her style because, for many people, a dental appointment might intimidate. Dr. Lien attempts to ease the fear that some people may have of dentistry and dentists by, “…being kind, open and honest with them really helps them trust us a little bit more. Tell, Show, Do is one tactic that we use…telling them what we do before we do it so that they don’t have any big surprises. You know, the thing that most people fear is [not knowing] what’s going on. We always try to open a line of communication,” says Dr. Lien.

This line of open communication starts from the beginning because Dr. Lien understands that it takes time to build trust. “I introduce myself and I try to get to know our patients because climbing into [a patient’s] mouth right from the get-go without [them] knowing you or knowing whether I’m a good fit for the patient is a lot to ask from a patient, to trust you right off the bat. So, I like to get to know my patients a little better. Get to know their families and get to know what their interests are and what their goals might be,” she says. This style of approach works well for Dr. Lien and the team at Dr. Michael Yung’s dental practice. It helps to build trust, a critical part of any relationship between practitioner and patient.

From the front office to back office to Doctor of Dentistry, Dr. Lisa Lien has made this inspiring journey to become one of Pasadena’s newest dental professionals. Make an appointment today to see one of Pasadena’s best dental practitioners. Whether it’s your first time seeing a dentist, or you know your way around a dental chair, you will want the professionals at Dr. Yung’s office to take care of all your dental needs because they truly care about you every step of the way.

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