Is Insurance in Your Family’s Budget?

Thursday, July 16, 2015 | 10:49 pm

Bill Stewart knows all about taking care of a family in this day and age. He understands that as your family grows, so do the bills and the worry about their future. The dilemma of whether to buy for now or think further down the line investing for the future is a tough one. He knows, because he has a family of his own.

“I have two young kids,” says Stewart. “I understand the dilemma that we have so many bills, how do we manage both? How do you take care of your family before you take care of everything else? That’s why life insurance is so vital.”

Life insurance isn’t something we like to think about. Maybe down the road once we have our vacation, put the kids through school, maybe then.

For Bill he knows from experience that the time is now to protect your family.

Bill had a young client who had recently gotten married. But, tragically, six months in to the marriage the husband died suddenly, leaving his newly pregnant wife alone. She wasn’t working, and had no money to fall back on.

Luckily, her husband had already thought about her future and the future of their unborn child. He took out a life insurance that protected his wife and child for the next two years.

This isn’t about thinking about the worst-case scenario, this is about peace of mind. Stewart wants families to think about all eventualities. His job is to make sure you are covered, examining the finer details that are specific to your life. Are you already covered at work? Is your child covered? Was college factored into the coverage? What about the mortgage? Stewart knows all the right questions to ask, so even if you’re not around you’re still taking care of your family.

As a family man, he offers a personal touch that many may not. He understands that with a home, children, bills, money can be tight, but that anything can happen at any time.

The young wife in his story was given peace of mind because her husband saw the importance of protecting the future of his family. Stewart can relate to this, and to all his clients when they first walk into his office. He knows that this will not be any easy conversation for anyone, but that it is a necessary one.

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