JohnHart Holiday Party and Awards

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 | 7:11 pm

What makes one real estate company different from the others?

One word: Dedication!

JohnHart Real Estate has nothing but dedication to its agents and employees. Headed by a leader, Harout Keuroghlian… with such passion for the people that work with him as well as for the work being done.

Leading by example and Integrity, 2014 was quite the year. Of course all of that hard work definitely deserved a little bit of fun! We had an amazing Christmas/Holiday party that was a celebration of so many things that were accomplished during the year. Marlin and I were so blessed to be able to work with amazing clients and also alongside other talented and dedicated agents. Being given the “Agent of the Year” and Winners of the Agents Race (Most transactions in 3 months) award was icing on the cake for us. What truly mattered was that we were able to help so many people achieve their goals of buying, selling or investing in Real Estate. Our true passion for this work will carry us into the New Year and beyond.


We are looking forward to an amazing 2015, and we thank our past clients, current clients and future clients.

Happy New Year


agent-pic-amyAbout Amy Dginguerian

Most people know Amy Dginguerian from her time in front of the camera as an actress, model and host, or behind the lens as a Producer in Hollywood. Amy built her Hollywood career with a simple strategy; be professional, be persistent, be courteous and be honest. Her hard work and determination took her from starring roles on TV and Film, to gracing the covers and inside of hundreds of magazines to Campaigns for some of the biggest companies in the world. She is also a 2-time Billboard Recording artist and also an Author.

But what most people don’t know about Amy Dginguerian is that she has always had a great appreciation and knack as a businesswoman. She started a modeling agency in one of the most competitive Cities in the world, (Hollywood) successfully represented over 400 models and talent. She kept her business thriving while traveling the world as a “WWE Diva.” Amy also took her love of business while she was garnering success as an actress and model and parlayed it into something that she truly loved- homes. Amy’s passion for homes and home ownership was realized after she bought her first investment property. She was fortunate enough to understand the real estate market and make smart investments that truly paid off. While most of her peers were struggling to make rent, Amy felt blessed to own a multitude of money making properties.

Amy became a Mom for the first time to miracle twins in May of 2009. Becoming a mother helped stir the fire of appreciation she has always had for home ownership and Real estate investments and so she decided to become a Licensed Sales Agent. She is also the Co-founder of

Designations and Certificates:
• Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
• Creating Value for Your Clients
• Video Marketing
• Managing Your Online Presence
• Putting Technology to Work for your Clients
• Client Negotiations
• Navigating the Social Media Maze



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