Layering Tips for Stylish Ladies

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 | 1:29 am

There’s a definite chill in the air but between holiday gatherings and get togethers with friends and family, not is not the time to forgo fashion in the name of warmth. Luckily, for the well-dressed lady, there are plenty of layering options to keep you both feeling toasty and looking toast-worthy.

Larayne Brannon, the owner of Clothes Heaven, a designer resale boutique that has been in Old Town since 1983, had a few tips to amp up your fashion this season.


When thinking of layers, many people forget that there is more than just color and shape. Brannon explained that texture and tone also play an important role in making an outfit come to life. She paired lace detailed pants with carved heels, a laser cut leather jacket and a sequined top to show how much texture can add to a look.

“Many people buy the ‘pow’ on top of their outfit but aren’t sure how to put it together,” Brannon specializes in making these statement pieces wearable and helping women put together complete looks with things they already own.

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She calls these “pow” pieces “female power accessories” because they can be worn many times and add the extra oopmh to any outfit. For example, a Chanel chain belt can be used as a belt, necklace, handbag wrap or chunky bracelet.


She recommends starting with a statement piece and building the rest of the outfit around that item. Brannon focuses on the details in each piece and looks to pick up colors, textures and patterns from one item to another.

“I go for tone on tone on tone…it’s always good to repeat a color three times in case one iteration isn’t the exact same shade it still looks pulled together,” she explained.


Brannon warns women not to overcomplicate things. “A good look should be like a painting, you notice more detail as you look closely,” she said.

For holiday parties, Brannon advises women to opt for understated chic, “overdressed and overdone is definitely not in.” She suggests going casual chic at parties and pulling everything together with a careful eye for detail. For Brannon, the small touches make all the difference.

“Your clothing is like your armour, [it] protects you and adds a boost of confidence to your day when put together correctly,” she said.

For more clothing inspiration check out her seasonal look books at or visit Clothes Heaven in person at 111 East Union Street, Pasadena. Call (626) 440-0929 for more details.


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