Let’s Organize and Clean Up Those Christmas Items this Year

Friday, December 21, 2018 | 12:26 am

Christmastime is here, and this is the time of joy and celebration, but those times are not without their hurdles. Every year you have to take another grueling expedition through your storage space to rediscover your long-lost holiday decorations that have, once again, become buried deep under a heap of other items.

For many, this is a yearly ritual. The holidays come and go, and once all those decorations get used, you once again become buried, covered, and blocked by other stuff you have in storage more likely to come out some other time during the year. This makes the packing and unpacking, a real pain.

This year, why not make it all easier? At Henry’s Junk Removal, they’ve helped many people with junk, storage, and organization, and accumulated a lot of great ideas over the years. Here are a few of those ideas about how to make your Christmas storage issues go away:

Keep Each Holiday’s Storage Separate
People who like to indulge in yearly festivities typically accrue a ton of holiday decorations that become problems. You won’t find most folks having chests full of St. Patrick’s Day memorabilia or fourth of July leftovers but add all the holidays together, the smaller holidays and the big ones like Halloween and Christmas, people build up a lot of holiday junk.

Make it easier on yourself, separate holidays, and instead of keeping all your stuff together put each one in a different set of boxes, bins, and containers to ensure the decorations you want are easy to find. If you isolate each holiday, you won’t have to go through as much junk to reach the decorations you want.

Organize Your Christmas Lights
It takes real sorcery to store your Christmas lights each year. Christmas lights seem to tangle themselves together into a rather intense knot with no one ever having touched them. You may think this phenomenon is unavoidable, but there are ways to prevent it.

• Zip Ties and Velcro:
One great solution is winding up those lights into little circle-shaped bundles, then bind the cords together with zip ties or velcro strips to ensuring they don’t become entangled. Binding the cords make them a lot easier to store.

• Wind-Up Organizers:
An even better solution would be to invest in some wind-up cord organizers, which are nifty little devices made just for organizing Christmas lights and help to contain the mess that comes with each strand of lights

Have a Special Container for Your Ornaments
The next step for cleaning up are those ornaments, which are the most painful types of decorations to store because they are rarely consistent in size, shape, material, or fragility. This means there is no uniform way to store all of them unless you invest in a special container made just for this purpose. You can find all kinds of ornament organizers online and they will help to keep your ornaments safe and sound.

These organizers also serve an ergonomic purpose because you can organize all of them into a singular, geometric space easily packable inside larger bins or containers. This avoids logistical problems when packing ornaments and wasting storage bin space by filling bins to an incomplete level or piling junk on top, which can break or shatter them.

Of course, it’s never a bad time to consider Henry’s Junk Removal Service for getting rid of old ornaments and other items that clog up your storage space. Tastes change as time goes on, and you might find yourself wanting to get rid of some of your old inventories of junk that will likely never be used again.

Keep Your Fake Tree Somewhere Accessible
If you’re one of those folks who swore to never use a fake tree, you can skip this one. For everyone else, it’s good to think about the best way to store a Christmas tree. Now, if you just have a tiny little tree, it’s too hard to store, but if it’s a large one, it becomes an exercise in frustration digging it out every year. Here are some ways to make things easier:

• One good way to prevent problems is not to keep heavy or awkward items right above, or right below, the main level of your home, which will require extra trips up or downstairs, which is no fun at all especially as you get older. If you don’t have a good storage spot on the main level, the garage can be a good choice if it isn’t already too messy.

• Get Rid of the Excess
The best way to make your junk more manageable is to ask yourself, “how much of this do I actually use?”At Henry’s Junk Removal Service, the general rule of thumb is that junk shouldn’t be kept around if it hasn’t been used in at least three years.

Of course, this is totally up to you, but letting go of things that you don’t use can be a liberating as you discover just how much more space you’ll have without all that junk. After these holidays are over it might be time to organize and purge all those items you no longer need.

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