Life Begins After Retirement: Lose Weight, Gain Life

Friday, May 15, 2015 | 11:43 pm

One day, you will retire. One day, you will have the luxury of time—time to spend with family, friends, and doing all the activities you never could get around to doing while you worked.

The question is: Are you physically prepared for it? Are you healthy enough to actually enjoy retirement? Healthy enough to walk your dogs and run with your grandkids? Healthy enough to just grab life by the scruff(?) of its neck and make the most out of everyday?

Look at yourself in the mirror. If the reflection shows you someone who needs to lose that beer belly or the jiggling arms, then it’s time to get help.

Fortunately, Pasadena Weight Loss Center is here to help you shed extra pounds. “Here, you can get a clearer idea on your existing body fat…and how to lose it.” says Pasadena Weight Loss Center’s manager Rawaa Hadid.

“Here, we are into testing, measuring and evaluation. We test their body fat. We test their hydration level. We test their metabolism. We test their muscle mass using state-of-the-art testing technology” she adds.

After a thorough assessment, the doctor will then prescribe a personalized program. Over the last 3 decades, Dr. Claude Matar, founder of the Pasadena Weight Loss and Longevity Center has researched, has created and refined a simple 4-tier professionally coached system: The Matar Method to help his patients over 50 be healthy and live longer, naturally.

dr matar

“The program is based on their body type, weight loss history, body fat percentage, how much weight they need to lose, their current lifestyle, obligations, schedule, etc. We also have a very advanced Fitness Capacity Test, which basically determines what the best fat-burning exercise for them is” adds Hadid.

There are also daily one-on-one motivational programs to keep you going, which is always accessible to patients through a smartphone app.  “We coach them on a daily basis, so they feel they are connected and not doing this alone. They are at the store, they are looking at a product, they have a question they text and our nutritionist is there to help through the app. How convenient is that?”

One important feature of the Matar Method is their Fat Blast Fitness: The coached exercise arm of the Matar Method.

30 minutes fat blast equals 3 gym hours.

Time is probably the most valuable commodity in this day and age and therefore it is the most common reason why most people do not exercise. Fat Blast is the safest and fastest evidence-based 30-minute exercise approach to weight loss, health and longevity.

Advanced Fitness Testing

All types of workouts can make you more fit, BUT only the well-tailored few can also produce lasting fat burning. At Pasadena Weight Loss Center, prior to prescribing any exercise protocol, they perform a battery of 6 sophisticated tests including:

  1. Fitness Capacity Test
  2. Heart Recovery Test
  3. Nervous System Balance Test
  4. Body Composition Test
  5. Body Biometrics Test
  6. Cellular Metabolism Test


Every Fat Blast session is designed to maximize your body’s capacity for fat burning, maximize your metabolism, maximize your aerobic fitness, and maximize your strength and endurance. This maximization process is called adaptation. If you over exercise or under exercise, adaptation does not occur and both safety and results suffer. If adaptation fails, through random workouts due to lack of precision testing, once you stop  exercising you quickly regress to your original fitness level and promptly start gaining weight.

Fat Blast Fitness

This is a 3-tier fat burning routine using three advanced, computerized adaptation machines:

Adaptive Metabolism Exerciser (AMX) 4 minute high metabolism and flexibility routine

Adaptive Cardio Exerciser (ACX) 16 minute cardio precision and endurance routine

Adaptive Resistance Exerciser (ARX) 10 minute strength precision routine

30 minutes fat blast equals 3 gym hours.

Hadid insists that the overall weight loss and longevity program is for patients who are not looking for a quick fix and welcome a big lifestyle change. This is perfect for those who want to advocate a healthy lifestyle, are ready to eat right, are motivated to lose weight for good, and achieve quality health and longevity.

“It is a wonderful investment in you. I have a lot of baby boomers here in our clinic, and they want to enjoy their retirement which they have painstakingly earned (or will have earned soon). They want to enjoy their grandkids. They want to walk their dogs. It is true that I have much younger patients – in their 40s and 50s, but I also have patients who are in their 70s and 80’s. They are running…. They don’t walk anymore, they jog,” says Hadid.

If this article created a spark of motivation within you, mention it for a free consultation and full testing and evaluation with doctor Matar. What are you waiting for? You’ve already waited long enough to lose like a winner and yes, retire like a winner too. The time to act is now!

Pasadena Weight Loss Center is located at 774 N. Lake Avenue, Pasadena. For more information,  call (626) 844-­4686, email:  or visit



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