Lounging In This Serene Salt Room Can Help you Breathe Easier In Under An Hour

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 | 7:52 pm

Taking in more salt in your life may be a long-term alleviator for breathing problems caused by seasonal allergies and more, not by eating, but by a new wave of salt therapy sessions where you peacefully sit in a salt filled room.

What makes salt therapy unique is how easy and enjoyable it is as there is nothing uncomfortable about it. You get to relax while gently treating your lungs and skin, so the many benefits of deep relaxation are a bonus effect.

Diana Leone of Salt Studio Pasadena believes in the simple truth that salt is a gift from nature and its use can transform our lives in the most harmless way, allowing us to breathe more freely and live more vibrant lives.


Her team is dedicated to promoting the importance of respiratory health and its healing and maintenance. Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) gives us a chance to repair the damage that our urban lives can cause, resulting in less use of asthma and allergy medications and more relief from painful skin conditions.

Salt therapy is a very gentle treatment that can be useful for anyone over the age of one. It can be a good supplementary treatment to open the airways for those with asthma, allergies, COPD, cystic fibrosis and more. However, children with severe asthma should get doctor approval before trying it out.

Leone recommends a 45-minute salt session at least 2 times in your first week if you are addressing any issues that salt therapy is helpful for.

This can be 2 times per week (or more) for just 2 weeks, or you can choose a one-month or 3-month membership, depending on your need. Getting over a lingering cough, for example, would call for just the 2-week plan.

To treat seasonal allergies, the 3-month plan is recommended so you can keep up with your body’s changing needs.

All memberships come with unlimited sessions so you come in as often as you like and is convenient to your schedule.


Want to make it a regular regimen? It’s safe to do salt therapy several times per week.

The Salt Studio offers much more than salt therapy. Massage services are the additions you get with your treatment at no extra charge: choice of 10 personalized aromatherapy blends , deep tissue if you need it, and heat therapy if you benefit from heat.

These are all included and we have even more “sacred add-ons” to make your treatment the most effective for you.

The Spa treatments are very popular and salt-inspired. You can even delve into holistic healing on another level with chakra and energy work known as Reiki massage to serve your body, mind and spirit.

Time in the salt room is a chance to unplug and unwind. This might take practice, but it helps to know it beforehand. We do not allow devices in the room, making it a peaceful, special place of renewal.

Come prepared to relax– and don’t forget your socks! Salt Studio Pasadena asks everyone to remove shoes and wear socks in order to preserve our Himalayan salt floor.

Check out Salt Studio Pasadena’s Facebook and Instagram for events and specials. The studio host Sound Baths, Workshops and even Past Life Regression with psychologist and author, Davina Kotulski.

The Salt Studio, 1380 E. Walnut Street, Pasadena. (626) 765-6180 http://saltstudiopasadena.com/

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