Make Baby’s First Bites Count

Thursday, May 11, 2017 | 11:51 pm

There’s a misconception that “food before one is just for fun,” explained Kerstin Kuhn. “That is just not the case…babies form food memories in the womb and beyond.”

Kuhn is a food writer, mother and founder of Little Foodie Club. Little Foodie Club is a gourmet baby food delivery service with a one-of-a-kind meal plan that helps baby’s transition to solid foods in 21 days. Kuhn adds that this transition is often the most challenging for parents. Little Foodie Club’s meal plan introduces a new food each day through organic single-ingredient purees.


“When you teach babies to eat processed food, they won’t enjoy healthy food when they get older,” she said.“The purées out of jars and pouches have little or no resemblance in taste or texture to those made from fresh ingredients so it’s no surprise that babies who are exclusively fed these bland and often tasteless manufactured purées often turn out to be kids who refuse to eat real vegetables and instead demand processed foods – like chicken nuggets.”


Kuhn worked with a pediatrician who specializes in childhood nutrition to ensure all of Little Foodie Club’s foods are nutritious and healthy. Kuhn explains that she gets most of their produce from the farmer’s market so the menu is constantly evolving. Current flavors include Broccoli and Apple with Quinoa, Turkey and Sweet Potato with Sage and Banana and Strawberry with Mint.


Little Foodie Club does not use any artificial ingredients, food coloring, added sugar, salt, additives or preservatives and all of their foods are prepared in a commercial kitchen in Pasadena. The food is flash frozen and then delivered to families throughout Los Angeles. Kuhn plans to expand Little Foodie Club to Orange County in the near future. Kuhn adds that she acts as an unofficial consultant to all members of Little Foodie Club – offering advice on nutrition and feeding to new parents.


“It was my biggest nightmare to end up with a fussy eater so I started doing an enormous amount of research into how to raise a child who loves good food,” said Kuhn. “That’s when I came across the concept of palate-training. Through creating all my own recipes and successfully palate-training her, I got inspired to launch a baby food business helping other parents who don’t have time or inspiration to cook for their babies.”

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