Making One's Way of Life Less Expensive and Cleaner with an IZIP Metro eBike

An eBike testimonial

Friday, November 15, 2013 | 11:37 am

I sold an electric bike to a young man last month, and he came in recently for a few adjustments. While I worked on the bike, he talked about his experience using an electric bike as his only mode of transportation.

When he first came to my shop, he had already decided to buy an electric bike. As a recent college graduate, he was living with family to minimize expenses while job hunting. “Owning a car at this point in my life is not an option. I’d been riding my bicycle and using the bus, but it’s so slow. I needed something to get around at a reasonable speed, and in the case of an interview, without sweating. I had done some work for an ebike company before and was familiar with them, so I knew it’s what I needed. Brio Electric Bikes in Monrovia was close and had a wide variety of bikes on display.”

He purchased an IZIP Metro, being drawn to the large, frame mounted front basket. “I can carry my full gym bag in there, and more.” The bike also features a 500 watt motor, capable of climbing most any hill in the area and maintaining up to 20mph. The 36 volt lithium-ion batteries are hidden inside the frame, which lowers the center of gravity (better handling), and makes the bike look less “electric.” A wide, spring-mounted seat and upright handlebars give a comfortable, and adjustable, riding position.

“I’ve put 300 miles on the bike in less than a month, and I love it. I go to the gym, the library, see friends, whatever, and I get there fast. It’s really nice to not buy gas, not only for the savings, but also knowing I’m not contributing to bad air quality today. The bike will go 20 mph on level ground under power. If I pedal with it, the battery will last for 20 miles or more. I’ve found that by using throttle only (no pedaling), I can go 14 miles. That’s great for those places I need to arrive clean and cool.”

For longer distances, electric bikes are allowed on the Gold line / Metro Rail (not during rush hours), Metro Link, and Amtrak. There are also busses with bike racks, but most electric bikes are too heavy for the average person to safely lift above the waist. If you have a driver’s license, you can always rent a car, whether traditional rentals or hourly schemes like Zipcar.

So, was it worth spending over $2000 for an electric bike? “Absolutely! I would have spent that much in gas and insurance the first year of owning a car. Then there’s still the cost of the car, registration and repairs. I know I’ll own a car someday, but even when I do, my electric bike will still be cheaper and easier to use for short trips. It’s fast & cool, and a great conversation starter.”

Come see the IZIP Metro, and many other electric bikes at Brio Electric Bikes, 113 E. Olive Ave., Monrovia. (626) 657-2251. Brio also repairs bicycles, electric bicycles and electric scooters.

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