Me Time for Mommy

Friday, October 2, 2015 | 11:06 pm

Mothers will do anything to nurture and support their families but they rarely consider everything they do to be a sacrifice. But sometimes, Mom needs to take some time for herself

You’ve heard the saying before, “Moms need to put on their oxygen mask before their child’s.” This oxygen mask scenario applies to every day life as well as emergencies on a plane. Moms need to take care of themselves in order to be able to best take care of their children.

Moms can do yoga, take aerobics or get a seat in spin class. They can get manicures, pedicures, and (gulp) Brazilian waxes. They join book club, scrapbooking circles, or a wine of the month club. Oh wait, that one just delivers wine but it helps.

What about when a mom chooses something that takes more time? If you are a mom, who is electing to have plastic surgery you need to take the time to do this right.

When the procedure is over, you need somewhere to recover. Hospitals are never a fun place to recover so you may think about just heading home but that may not be the best option. Erion Taylor of Trinity Aftercare talks about how hard this can be and why choosing a place such as Trinity to recover can be tantamount to a successful rebound.

“A lot of times we see mothers will go through the process of finding a great surgeon and talking to their friends and educating themselves on what to expect with recovery but they don’t realize that if they go home to recover, it is very hard to take a moment for themselves or the few days in which that they really need it,” Erion tells us. Recovery is at least 72 hours and, even if you have a great support system, it can be hard to relax when your kids are around.

Erion adds that patients should have a good diet and exercise schedule before surgery. “If you give your body a good foundation or a great break to go into surgery, there is going to be an easier recovery, ” Erion said. This is good advice for anyone; a good foundation for healthy living follows through in all aspect of our lives.

Erion knows that it is hard for mothers to be away from their children. She says “oftentimes I see the moms when they come the first day By day two they were saying, ‘I miss my kids. Why did I do this?’ And I remind them that this is for you because if you’re happy, your children are happy. And it’s great for your mind, body and spirit. And, in time, it is for your children. It is for them as well.” This goes right back to the oxygen mask analogy. Moms need to take care of themselves so they can take care of their kids.

“Self-esteem plays a huge role on women’s psyche and day to day life,” said Erion. So if you are a mom, take a moment to assess your needs not just your family’s and take the time to focus on you.

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