Meet the Agent Who Knows Pasadena Inside Out

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 | 11:13 pm

Daniel is a Pasadena native and spends his time getting to know both the people and the communities they have created.

“The majority of people here are educated members of the upper middle class. From education, to technology, residents in Pasadena have developed lucrative careers in their respective fields.” Daniel said. “What separates Pasadena from everywhere else is the incredible diversity and the pride residents take in their communities.”

Daniel enjoys his career in real estate because of the various groups of people he has the opportunity to work with – from millennials to baby boomers, each demographic has something unique to offer. Younger buyers often need the guidance and reassurance that the biggest purchase of their life will serve as a foundation for their blossoming family.

“They need to know that they are purchasing a home, not a just a house. That their home also doubles as an investment in their financial future”, Daniel said.

In contrast, clients who fall into the category of ‘baby boomers’ are often well versed in the home buying process, and thus prefer a more handsoff approach.

“Boomers are generally downsizing, or looking for their second, or sometimes, third home. They don’t need their hands held throughout the process, but they do appreciate knowing all the newest elements and facets of our contracts,” Daniel said.

Daniel considers his ability to relate to people at an individual level his greatest asset in the business.

“Establishing a solid communication channel early on is imperative to a customer’s satisfaction,” Daniel said. “Escrow, title, lenders, and realtors should work in close conjunction and with complete transparency to the client. It’s important that the client feels that he or she is the part of the team, and knows what is happening every step of the way. That’s how you eliminate nervousness and anxiety, by working ‘together’.”

When asked what he considers the most rewarding experience of the business, Daniel said, “hands down, knowing that you helped provide someone with a vessel that will serve to build countless memories. The halls and dens of this purchase will resonate, and echo with the laughter of friends and family for years to come.”

For more insight on the Pasadena real estate scene contact Daniel Villarreal. You can reach him:
Email: or call (626) 394-1040.


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