Mixing it Up

Padua-D.K. Designs aims for the eclectic

Thursday, May 8, 2014 | 7:57 pm

(Editor’s note: This is a continuing series of profiles of the designers involved in the 2014 Pasadena Showcase House of Design, one of the most successful Showcase Houses in the country. Each year a major estate in the Pasadena area is selected. The property is then completely renovated by leading interior and exterior designers. )

What makes a designer unique? They all pick and choose colors, and fabrics and shapes and pieces of décor and furniture. They create moods and themes, and its that singular eye for the perfect piece that sets each apart.

While many designers are specific about styles and schools that they follow, Dolores Kroop thrives on mixing together stylish furnishings with unique decorative accessories and fine art.

As many of her pieces and furnishings reflect her love of world cultures, she would describe her design style as a creative enrichment of daily environments.  She seeks out perfect pieces of furniture, decorative accessories and artistic pieces that suit her clients’ needs.

“I create a design to satisfy any client’s wishes, whether traditional, contemporary or architecturally specific,” said Kroop, “Anything from living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and garden patios to whole house design, I can work with the client to create the look they want with their specific requirements.”

She grew up overseas in South America, Europe and the Middle East. This encouraged exposure to different cultures and ethnic arts, and enhanced her sensibility of the artistic mix that contributes to any design project.

Having studied back east, she married, and moved to Los Angeles in the late 70s, where her family was based, and set up a life for herself as a fine art painter. Children were born, they grew, and as they went to school, Kroop found herself more and more in demand with friends who were buying homes and decorating.

Thus, in 1992, she opened her studio shop Padua-D.K. Designs in San Marino, and moved to Alhambra in the last months, working with both designers and consumers. (She also owns a custom drapery shop, which Pasadena Now will also be featuring.)

She has been involved with the Pasadena Showcase House since 1993, working on a number of different rooms and spaces over the years. This year, she chose the greenhouse and lath house as her design spaces.

Choosing to transform them into a Botanical Retreat and Exotic Plant Observatory, she shows that both structures can be designed to work with their meant purpose but adding the unique use of an art atelier for the study of plants and creation of artistic works. By adding artistic light fixtures, personal collections and sculptures to the spaces, the mundane becomes the unique.

As for her own personal interior design projects, she emphasizes that she can not only re-imagine whole homes, she can also work on smaller spaces, altering them with new colors, and unique pieces that can completely change both the physical and emotional feel of the room.

Her Alhambra studio is a carnival of dramatic and unique furnishings with a host of curios from all over the world. If she doesn’t have the piece she is dreaming of for a project, she can certainly find it. And put it in just that perfect spot.

That’s creative design.

Padua-D.K. Designs is at 821 S. Raymond Ave., #30 Alhambra, CA. 91803. (626) 458-2008 Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.- 3 p.m., or by appointment.



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