Moving On, Roy’s Global Menu Stops in Korea

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 9:00 pm

With bold flavors like Gochujang, Kim Chee, soy and sesame paste, Korean dishes have big flavor profiles incorporating sweet, tart, savory, spicy and umami. From now through August 30th, Roy’s Pasadena’s Chef Partner, Adam Palffy has created a tasting menu of creative Korean dishes that you can enjoy. A three-course meal, you choose from selections of appetizers, entrees and a dessert all for one inclusive price.

Wagyu beef Mandu and crispy Calamari salad were the choices for appetizer. I got a taste of each one and liked them both. The Wagyu beef Mandu was a crispy dumpling in a firecracker dipping sauce. The dumpling was nice and crispy on the outside and rich and savory on the inside. Be sure and scoop up some of that firecracker dipping sauce, it gives the beef some dimension and a nice spicy kick.

The Calamari salad was filled with crisp-fresh julienned vegetables and sweet Asian pear. The Calamari was coated with a light breading, and the sesame miso vinaigrette brought it all together with a nutty kick. I really enjoyed this salad, it was refreshing and light.

A choice of beef or salmon was offered as the entrees. The beef was a 48 hour Galbi boneless beef short rib. The short rib was very tender with a salty-sweet taste from the marinade. Served with kim chee mashed potatoes (my favorites), bok choy and mung bean sprouts, this was a hearty and satisfying dish.

The salmon was served as a Bibimbap which is a layered bowl of rice, vegetables and protein usually topped with an egg. The salmon was crusted with sesame seeds and topped with a Quail egg. Delicious vegetables like shiitake mushrooms and spinach were layered along with steamed rice. Gochujang completed the dish for a sweet-hot kick. Traditionally Bibimbap’s are mixed altogether before eating and Roy’s was no different. It was a fun-tasty dish full of big flavors.

Dessert was an Asian-style cotton cheesecake with lychee sauce and macerated blueberries (the menu dish calls for macerated Asian pear but since I was pre-tasting the menu I got blueberries). I didn’t really care for the cheesecake, it seemed very salty to me. But no worries because I was able to order any of Roy’s signature desserts and I also had the melting hot chocolate souffle which is always delicious.

If you’ve never tried Korean dishes the Roy’s Restaurant Creative Korea menu is right up your alley. It takes the tastes of Korea and puts them into dishes that are recognizable to the novice and a refreshing-take to the initiated.

The Creative Korea menu is available through August 30, and is $44.00 for three hearty courses.

Roy’s Restaurant Pasadena is located at 641 E. Colorado Blvd. For reservations or questions call (626) 356-4066 or visit







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