Now Arriving: Le Muse Coffee and Wine Bar

Monday, July 27, 2015 | 1:40 am

If you are looking for a morning stop off before work to get you going for the day, or an evening distraction to help you relax after a hard day at work, then Le Muse Wine and Coffee bar might be your new go-to watering hole.

Opening in the heart of the Playhouse district this August 1st, Le Muse wants to serve you no matter what time of the day, be it a coffee rush in the early morning, or a “wine”-down in the evening.

musecookiesPatricia Wyndham-Smith created Le Muse because she was inspired by the Parisian curbside cafes, allowing those who lived in the area to sit outside and enjoy their surroundings while relaxing before or after their day, and wanted it bring them to Pasadena

“The goal is for Pasadenans to feel comfortable to come,” says Patricia. Also offering a wine bar, Patricia is excited to provide an affordable bar service where customers do not have to purchase the entire bottle if they didn’t want to. Instead, they can purchase a smaller taster bottle for half the price, and then purchase the bottle to take home if they so wish.

Patricia says her idea was to allow customers to sample a lot of great wines without having to purchase a meal. “No wine snobbery here,” says Wyndham-Smith. “Le muse is all about coming in, and enjoying great wine with friends.”

Le Muse say they want to keep their glasses of wine priced between $8-$9, keeping it affordable for the consumer. Her ultimate aim is provide the Pasadena community with great service and excellent wine in a great space.

Le Muse Coffee and Wine bar also aim to serve an array of local pastries that can be served with the variety of coffees they have on offer.

Small and intimate, relax and watch the day go by while sipping your favourite tipple. Le Muse is set to open in just under two weeks. They look forward to welcoming you.

Le Muse Coffee & Wine Bar is located at 101 S. Madison Ave. #119, Pasadena.  For more information, call (626) 824-8961 or visit at

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