Opening the Door to Your First Home

Friday, December 4, 2015 | 1:21 am

Endeavor RealtyBuying your first home is a milestone in many people’s lives. It is an exciting and stressful time and presents a steep learning curve to potential customers.

In the process of home buying, there are many new things to learn. From financing to home inspections, it’s helpful to be guided by a real estate agent the first time around the block.

“First time home owners can’t just buy any property and sign… we’re looking up for their interest,” said Christian Almada of Endeavor Realty. Almada explains that many people have an idea of what they want need some help with the specifics.

“It’s all education process. I sit down with them and we talk about where they currently live, where they work, what’s the distance they want to travel… And then the education process starts there,” said Almada.

Clients take a tour of potential neighborhoods and assess the conditions of homes together. Many first time home buyers have trouble qualifying for home loans and explains that many lenders are reluctant to finance a distressed home or a property in need to repair so some compromise can be necessary.

“First time home buyers generally want to buy a great deal,” said Almada. As part of the home education process, he makes sure that clients get a home inspection and are realistic about their expectations.

Almada has experience working with first time home buyers, Latinos and many other clients. He has been selling real estate since 1999 to first time home buyers and investors looking for residential income property. In 2007, he started Endeavor Realty and has worked with some of his original clients on their third and fourth real estate home purchases.

“It’s fulfilling when you are able to help people that nobody has taken the time to educate,” said Almada.

Christian Almada is a member of Endeavor Realty, located at 548 South Lake Avenue. Call (626) 255-4266 or visit for more details.






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