Organic Asian Cuisine makes its mark in Old Town Pasadena

Friday, December 11, 2015 | 7:33 pm

Jeremy Wong

Jeremy Wong

The Popular and growing Organic Asian Restaurant, GreenZone has found its second home in Old Town Pasadena. Since opening its original location in San Gabriel in 2006, founder, Jil Cam has set her stamp on making something traditional, not so traditional. Organic & Healthy are normally two words you would not put together when it comes to Asian Cuisine, but for over 9 years, GreenZone has built a foundation in her neighborhood believing in just that. The concept is simple, said founder, Jil Cam, “We believe in preparing family recipes that are wholesome, fresh and organic. We have passionate chefs that prepare and take pride in what we serve, and with our personal and family like service and atmosphere, our guests experience what we like to call, home. We are proud to hear our customers call our restaurant, their home kitchen.”

Last August, Jeremy Wong partnered with founder, Jil Cam, and decided to bring GreenZone to Old Town Pasadena. “We’re bringing the history of the first restaurant here,” said Wong. In fact, many of their customers from the original location in San Gabriel frequent the Pasadena location.

GreenZone Pasadena has a slightly more sophisticated atmosphere in comparison to its sister location in San Gabriel. The décor is sleek, contemporary, and modern. GreenZone Pasadena is also the first location with a bar in the back. Happy Hour will be coming to this location as well, and with the great selection of Organic Beers and Wines such as; an Organic Acai Beer with hints of pomegranate or their Organic Riesling wine that pairs delightfully with their famous Hainan Chicken. We’re sure the residents of old town will be flourishing in to see what is in stock for their Happy Hour Menu.

The menu is simple and to the point. The selection of Organic Teas is vast and very nutritious. With selections from floral, green, black and white teas, hot or cold, you can’t go wrong in any weather. Try the Passion Fruit Iced Tea on a hot Los Angeles day, or their Tumeric Ginger Hot Tea that will definitely hit the spot on a cold chilly night.

Start off by ordering a Grilled Organic Vegetable Appetizer. This tender, flavorful set of vegetables have a hint of smoky-sweetness that will convince even the most reluctant eater to have their veggies.

We asked to try their famous award winning Hainan Chicken by LA Weekly, which is also loved by Linda Burum, Jonathan Gold, and Merrill Shindler. This dish is simple and so very flavorful, served with lemon grass rice, the soup of the day, and three delicious sauces; a garlic chili sauce, a sweet soy sauce, and a ginger scallion paste, which seems to be everyone’s favorite dipping sauce.

With that being one of the few dishes, GreenZone has Beef Soba which is Wong’s favorite dish, Curry with your choice of protein, salads which are gluten free and soy free. Also dishes that are friendly to vegetarians and vegans as well. Ending with a dessert menu with home-made ice creams, Asian influenced crème brulees and seasonal organic sweets.

And for the Holiday, the restaurant will also be offering Party Trays for family get together, dinner parties, lunch meetings, and events.

GreenZone is also on GrubHub and offers free delivery within a 2-mile radius. Please visit GrubHub for more information.

So please take a moment to relax and enjoy some nourishing organic food. As Jil Cam says, “Quality is something you can taste.”

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