Pasadena Therapist Launches Online Mental Health “Boot Camp”

Friday, April 13, 2018 | 3:55 am

Pasadena clinical psychologist and writer Dr. Ryan Howes has partnered with three Canadian therapists – Dr. Brooke Lewis, Chris Boyd and his sister Joanna Boyd – to develop a 25-day online Mental Health Boot Camp program.

Howes said he saw the need for a mental health boot camp for improving brain fitness after finding a surplus of fitness boot camps that help people lose weight, tighten abs, and improve their stamina, but none for mental health and wellness exercises.

“It’s almost unfair,” he said in a press release Tuesday. “There are so many tools to help us navigate life’s challenges, but only a few of us who go to therapy have access to them.”

Howes said they hope to make mindfulness, gratitude, self-knowledge, and communication skills appealing and available to everyone, at any stage of their growth.

The self-directed daily exercises in the Mental Health Boot Camp typically take from 20 to 40 minutes. They include reading, writing prompts, recorded meditations, gratitude journals, low-impact physical exercises and more, “for less than the cost of a single therapy session,” says Howes.

By the time you’re finished, the program promises to provide clients with “increased awareness of yourself, knowledge of your healthy and unhealthy patterns, and tools to help you live your mental-healthiest life,” according to the Mental Health Boot Camp website.

The entire program is available to individuals or businesses for $39.99, and because its mission is to improve mental health for everyone, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to community mental health programs, Howes said.

The Mental Health Boot Camp launched earlier this year, and there are plans to develop additional Boot Camp installments soon.

“We are building new Boot Camps that will target specific areas like parenting, trauma, stress, and peak performance,” Howes said. “Look for them later this year.”

Howes believes he and his team’s simple, affordable approach to improving mental health will appeal to both skeptics and anyone seeking a better life.

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