Pasadena’s Stark Spirits Distillery Announces Release of its First Commercial Gin, “Skyline”

Saturday, May 20, 2017 | 12:54 am

Pasadena-based Stark Spirits launched Skyline Gin, their first commercial gin, this week.

The new gin is the result of many previous iterations, developer and distiller Karen Robinson-Stark said. She and her husband, Greg Stark, are the owner/distillers of Stark Spirits, founded in March, 2013.

Robinson-Stark said she tested more than 20 iterations of the new gin, some of which were presented to the public.

Skyline Gin is a New World Gin, a style of gin that is distinguished from the traditional juniper forward style associated with London Dry gin, she said.

Skyline begins with very traditional ingredients, but surprises as a gin that goes its own way. The nose is citrusy, the flavor profile well-balanced for tart and sweet, lemon-honey-spicy, gently warms the palate and finishes dry with lingering notes of tart and sweet.

The Starks handcraft all their spirits in small batches, using traditional methods with traditional ingredients only.

Stark Spirits manufactures eight different spirits: Sunshine Brandy, Silver Rum, 151 Rum, Gold Rum, Single Malt Whiskey, Peated Single Malt Whiskey, Traditional Aquavit and Skyline Gin.

Five of their spirits have been entered into national and international competitions in 2016 and 2017 and won bronze (three medals), silver (four medals), gold (three medals), double gold (one medal) and best of category (two). Their products are available widely in Pasadena retail venues and throughout Southern and Northern California.

Stark Spirits Micro-Distillery is located at 1260 Lincoln Ave. #1100, in Pasadena. The Stark Spirits website is: The distributor for their spirits is JVS Wines Import, Inc.

Stark’s Spirits are available locally at:

Everson Royce Wine & Spirits,
155 Raymond Avenue, Pasadena.
Phone: (626) 765-9334

La Petite Vendome Wine and Spirits,
958 Foothill Blvd., La Cañada Flintridge.
Phone: (818) 952-408

Mission Wine and Spirits
1801 East Washington Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91104
Phone: (626) 797-0500

Remedy Liquor, 823 Foothill Blvd.,
La Cañada Flintridge.
Phone: (818) 790-0078

Vinotera Wine,
102 S. Lake Ave. Pasadena.
Phone: (626) 396-9234







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