Postoperative Care Tips for a Speedy Recovery

Monday, December 14, 2015 | 9:10 pm

Taking care of yourself can be hard. It is easy to skip over the amount of time we need to rest even when we would make sure our spouse rested enough. After you have surgery it is imperative to put yourself first and give yourself permission to recuperate fully and correctly. There are some surefire tips you should follow to ensure you road to recovery is a smooth one.

Follow the directions on any pain medicine you get and definitely don’t take pain medicine while driving. Be sure to talk with your doctor about how any pain killers may interfere with other medications, including birth control that you take. Do not drink on pain medicine. You may really want a glass of wine but it is off limits until you are healed.

Never take more than is recommended because you can always supplement with an over the counter ibuprofen and can continue with that or acetaminophen as the pain lessens. Pain medicine can cause uncomfortable constipation so you may benefit from a stool softener. If over the counter softeners do not work your doctor can talk with you about prescription options.

Ask for help. If you have kids you need help, it is a must not a maybe. Ask for help with making dinner, doing chores, and lifting. It is OK to take a little time off work; your health is worth the vacation time.

If you feel tired then rest. Ask for help with your wound care as well. It can be difficult caring for our own bumps and bruises. Follow the doctor’s directions to the letter when it comes to diet, showering, and wound care. Keep a list of symptoms to keep an eye on where you will be sure to see it.

If you need a little extra help a great resource to call is Trinity Aftercare. They are your one stop headquarters for finding the care you need after your procedure. For any questions on pre or post­operative care you can reach Trinity Aftercare at (626) 585-6471 or visit them at


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