Score A Winning Smile

Thursday, October 26, 2017 | 1:39 am

Going to the dentist is not the most pleasant experience for most of us, but Dr. Karineh Assatourian and her staff at Premier Dental Clinic are trying to change that!

Dr. Assatourian and her staff try to make their patients feel as welcome as possible.

“I have a very warm, welcoming staff. My staff is very knowledgeable.”

“When patients come to my office they step into a very comfortable environment,” she said.

Dr. Assatourian knows a lot of patients have a fear of seeing a dentist because of some trauma they may have gone through in their life.

“A lot of patients have a fear of the dentist because of what they may have experienced as a child and they associate pain with the dentistry.”

That is why her and her staff’s primary role is to make patients feel “comfortable and relaxed.”

Dr. Assatourian does that by consulting with a patient when they first come to her, examining them and then by trying to explain to patients in simple terms what they see on their x-rays.

Most of the patients who come into her office want their teeth whitening or seeking cosmetic treatment for their mouth.

Unlike the cosmetic surgery that may take place on the other parts of your body, Dr. Assatourian assures you that dental cosmetic procedure is not as extensive and as painful cosmetic surgeries on other parts of your body, but you can see a “big difference” if you do have the dental procedure.

Dr. Assatourian says that if you want to keep clean and healthy teeth, flossing is the key.

“Floss, floss, floss, floss,” she says with a laugh. Dr. Assatourian continued to say in order to keep healthy gums and teeth, you got to floss.

Now, Dr. Assatourian says it is still important to brush your teeth, but only brushing your teeth without flossing doesn’t accomplish much.

“Brushing is ok, but you are just basically cleaning the surface of your teeth, she says

“Brushing can’t get in between your teeth. Flossing gets any food and bacteria out your mouth and in between your teeth.”

Dr. Assatourian recommends that all of us see the dentist at least twice a year unless you have special circumstances.

If you need help or have a dental emergency, contact Dr. Assatourian and her staff at Premier Dental Clinic at (626) 229-9905 and they are located at 777 Arroyo Parkway Ste. 104. Pasadena.






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