Protect Yourself from Brush Fire Damage

Friday, October 2, 2015 | 9:11 pm

In the Greater Los Angeles area, including Pasadena and Altadena, brush fires are a serious nuisance you have to consider. Even if you are within driving distance of neighbors, your home may be too “remote” for traditional insurance.

Bill Stewart, of Stewart Insurance Company, helps people with this issue in his nearby community of La Cañada, which is full of high-risk homes. He explains that it can be difficult to get insurance in brush fire zones or other areas. Stewart says that homeowners now have limited options because many companies re getting out of the ire insurance business.

So how do homeowners find companies that cover fire? “Not everybody will do it. For example, State Farm and Allstate, Farmers may not do it in the same area but we have markets that we go to that will write the homeowner insurance in those areas”, Stewart said.

Unfortunately, the big insurance companies know where there is likely to be a flood and hurricane and can plan accordingly. “That’s why they’re under no obligation to offer coverage on certain areas. So they get to choose what and where they want to insure”, Stewart said. This may leave you wondering what you need to do next and it’s helpful to have a trusted insurance agent to help you muddle through this slew of requirements. Stewart is qualified and willing to help you sort through these issues.

Luckily there are other options out there. Although you will still need a supplement, homeowners can choose a California FAIR plan. “Part of that is because your…..home is situated in an area like high brush risk, high fire risk. So it’s being rated… accordance with the risk in the area.”

“There’s certainly a risk factor where an insurance company either chooses to insure, not insure or adjust the rates accordingly. So we have an advantage in that Farmers Insurance will do what’s called a Wrap Around Policy or a supplemental policy to the FAIR plan policy,” Stewart explained.

Homeowners insurance is not the only policy you need, review your automobile, life and homeowners insurance with trusted agents and reevaluate your coverage needs after major life changes. Talk to someone you trust at Stewart Insurance Company.

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