Random for a Reason

Thursday, July 2, 2015 | 9:56 pm

For those who seek creative style for their home, Random Hive Interior Design is an exciting, new and convenient way to design, decorate and inspire one’s home and lifestyle.

Random Hive is powered by David Checorski, an Interior Designer who specializes in sourcing unique furniture locally and around the world, and Kristen Collins, a 2008 Interior Design graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with seven years of experience in custom drapery, furniture design, set design and art direction.

In addition to hiring Random Hive for your Interior Design needs, you can purchase some hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind pieces, from furniture to apparel to interior decorations, all designed by a team of exceptional artists through the company’s online store. Modern. Antique. Exotic. Elegant. Old. It’s like winning the jackpot for finding something that no one else has. This week, in addition to custom furnishings, you can find decorative flasks, designer purses, beautiful stationery, and stunning jewelry. Truly a “hive” of random treasures.

“We really want things to be one of a kind,” says Collins. “We want people to feel that their homes are special and be able to say, ‘I own this, nobody else owns this. Especially in Los Angeles, where it seems everyone follows the current trend, to say ‘This is mine and only mine!’ is a very powerful thing.” “We’re random for a reason,” Collins says with a laugh.

Of course, Checorski and Collins excel at helping you design your home space in such a way as to not only highlight your unique style, but also to make sure that your home is your haven. In addition to advice, (See Random Hive’s blog entries such as “Why your sofa should be a neutral & why that doesn’t mean beige.”) the RandomHive.com website includes photos and reviews from numerous interior design projects done by Checorski and Collins ranging in price from $1,000 to $100,000.

In particular, one reviewer states, “I’ve always dreamt of working with a designer, but just assumed the cost would be out of reach. What I’ve discovered from working with Random Hive is that the right team can actually save you money. They know the business and a good deal when they see one. Plus they have relationships with everyone from flooring companies to indie artists and always get the best price.”

“We’re here for you,” says Collins. “We want you to want to come home, be happy in your space, to entertain, and to show people ‘Look where I live.’”

For more information, call Random Hive at (888) 821-HIVE (4483) or visit www.randomhive.com.

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