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Thursday, June 29, 2017 | 7:37 pm

L-R: Paul Argueta (CEO, Founder) and Robert E. Silva (VP, Co-Founder).

Real Estate Heaven International, Inc. (REH) has been featured at least twice in Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in North America, and in the LA Business Journal as one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in Los Angeles County.

Paul Argueta, one of the company’s founders and now CEO, says one of the reasons why they have been such a successful firm is that they care so much about creating success stories among their agents, which translates into success stories for their clients as well.

Argueta himself and his partner and co-founder Robert Silva, who’s now President of the firm, make sure their agents are given as much opportunity as necessary to duplicate their own success.

“I have been a licensed real estate agent since I was 18, went to UCLA and studied economics, and right after college went back to real estate,” Argueta says. “In 2007, I sold about 400 homes myself and so what that did was it gave me the capital we needed to start the company. We started in 2010.”

When he and Silva decided to start their own firm, Argueta said they had a simple objective: to create a real estate company based on all the things that he and his partners enjoyed about being a real estate agent, and eliminate all the parts that they didn’t like.

In just six months, REH was able to sell over $41 million worth of real estate. In 2011, the company’s first full year of operation, REH Real Estate grossed sales that exceeded $78 million. By 2017, the company had gained a 467 percent growth rate selling in excess of $1 billion worth of real estate.

Argueta says the key to much of their success is the quality and the ability of their agents, who are primarily self-inspired and well trained.

“We’re very hands-on and very belly-to-belly with our agents,” Argueta said. “One of the things that we focus on is training our agents on duplicating our efforts. So we teach them all of the best practices, we do trainings on a regular basis, on a weekly basis; sometimes we do them on a daily basis. I have my own private office but the truth is I’m rarely in there because most of the time I spend on the sales floor with my agents.

They’re actually hearing what it is that I say to my clients, they’re hearing how I put out fires, they’re hearing how I handle and finalize transactions.”

Being an active real estate agent himself, Argueta makes himself available to fellow agents in the firm as well as those aspiring to be agents.

“The people that come in get to learn not only from their agents but they also get to learn from me,” he says.

Asked why he went back to selling real estate after getting an economics degree from UCLA, Argueta says being in the real estate business gives him more of an opportunity to really know what he is capable of.

“I thought I could be a lot more creative in real estate than I could be in economics, in the sense that no two days are ever the same in my business,” Argueta said. “Every day is an adventure. I also appreciated the fact that I’m communicating with people and dealing with people all the time. There is a certain sense of satisfaction in sales and helping people and overcoming challenges. So, yes, that’s part of the biggest reason.”

Argueta also gave a piece of his mind about the state of the real estate industry in Pasadena.

“Almost everything is selling,” Argueta said. “If the property is priced even slightly above market, it’s going to sell. If it’s priced too far above market, then it’s going to sit, but everything that’s at market or slightly above is selling right now.”

Originally located on the prestigious Huntington Drive corridor in San Marino, REH Real Estate recently relocated its headquarters to South Pasadena, a move prompted by the increase in their agent roster and staff. The company now has about 130 agents on the roster. Argueta refers to them as “angels” or “broker agents,” ready to assist families, churches, nonprofits, investors, and corporate entities acquire their homes, multi-family units, and commercial property.

The REH Real Estate CEO says their primary focus right now is to grow the company by recruiting more agents into the firm.

“It’s not just about bringing new perspective agents in. It’s really about them coming in, learning the trade and having their own success,” he says. “My big quote I like to live by is ‘Don’t necessarily judge me by my success, but judge me by the success stories we can create.’ That’s really what we’re after.”

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