Reclaim Your Friday Night

Thursday, August 6, 2015 | 8:41 pm

Do your little picky eaters have you chained to your kitchen? Tired of seeing all the pictures of great meals your friends have had around town on Facebook and Instagram while you’re stuck at the kitchen table eating another bowl of Mac and Cheese from the box?

No more! It is time to take back your Friday.

Sushi Roku has heard your prayers for kid’s meals that aren’t breaded or “nuggeted” and created their own kids menu they think even the pickiest eaters will enjoy.

Starting young will open your children up to a world of delectable cuisine that they might have otherwise not gotten the chance to learn to love. Trick them into trying sushi one night and you might be surprised at the results—they might like it!

Sushi Roku introduced their new kid’s meals that are child friendly meals and mirror some of your favorite Japanese cuisine.

There are five Bento box options to choose from for young patrons 10 and under. Even better each child will have the opportunity to play with “Busy Bentos” by Melissa and Doug. It is a 24 piece wooden play set with all types of sushi to play with. Each meal will also come with a toy or activity (subject to change) to take home. It’s ok to succumb to bribery every once in a while, parents.

First up is the Beef Yakitori , which comes with beef skewers, tempura potato & broccoli, edamame, applesauce and steamed rice.

The second option is the Chicken Yakitori which is chicken skewers with tempura potato & broccoli, edamame plus applesauce and steamed rice.

For adventurous tykes you can introduce them to the Sushi Combination which comes with a tuna roll and a cucumber roll. Also included is shrimp sushi, egg sushi, edamame and applesauce.

Even the pickiest of kids will love the Crispy Chicken. This Bento box includes Japanese fried chicken and is paired with tempura sweet potato, edamame, applesauce and steamed rice.

Sushi Roku, owned by the Innovative Food group has been delighting patrons with cutting edge entrees since 1997.

Pick up the phone, parents, and reclaim your Friday night by making a reservation for the whole family at Sushi Roku.

Sushi Roku is located at 33 Miller Alley, Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 683-3000 or visit


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