Reimbursement Rights: What’s Good to Know?

Friday, June 1, 2018 | 11:15 pm

There are many things about family law that are good to know, especially if you are contemplating a divorce. One of those things is your reimbursement rights and how it will affect your finances.

If you’re unsure what reimbursement rights even are, let’s start from the beginning.

We turned for expert insight to Pasadena attorney Donald P. Schweitzer.

In general, he said, “reimbursement rights” determine each person’s right to be reimbursed for various purchases made during the marriage or the time of separation. Donald explains more here:

Pursuing any claim obviously requires considerable time and money. So it’s a good idea to weigh up which claims you want to bother with and which you can simply let slip away.

“When a party uses his or her separate money as a down payment on a house or when it’s used to improve the family property, there are reimbursement rights,” says Donald. Other rights scenarios include if a person uses community (i.e. family) money to pay child support or when someone lives in the family home but doesn’t pay the mortgage.

Donald also has a number of tips for those looking to secure their reimbursement rights. He wants to remind people that “not all expenditures are reimbursable” and advises people to be careful with what they spend their money on once they are separated.

If you can claim a reimbursement on your expenditure, you need to ensure that you preserve all of your documents in order to make a successful claim.

However, Donald says the most important tip that he has for divorcing couples is to decide how much money they want to spend pursuing reimbursement claims. “After all, most people would agree that it doesn’t make sense to spend $10,000 paying an attorney to pursue a $5,000 claim.”

For professional help in determining your rights to reimbursement it’s good to have Attorney Donald P. Schweitzer in your corner. If you are contemplating a divorce, call Donald today, and make sure that you are represented by the best.

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