Rudy Kusuma’s New Book Explains His Success

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 | 11:23 pm

Team Nuvision, headed by real estate broker Rudy Kusuma, is one of San Gabriel Valley’s most dynamic, sought-after, and successful full-service real estate brokerage teams. Kusuma and his team have earned the confidence of their clients and kept their promise to each one of them: “Your Home Sold Guaranteed…Or I’ll Buy It.”

In Kusuma’s forthcoming book co-author with Jack Canfield (co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) titled The Soul of Success, Kusuma explains how his team—his client-driven, big-hearted team—has benefited their consumers.

“When the consumers buy or sell homes with my team, they automatically benefit from the most unique and powerful home selling system that not only has been engineered… but more importantly, proven…to give them better service and results,” he says in the book.

Kusuma’s system of managing his real estate agents radically differs from others, which of course has become one of the reasons of his success. Kusuma explains that he has modeled his business after other professions, which require a whole gamut of experts to perform specific tasks.

“Instead of operating as a one-man show as most real estate agents do, I have hired a whole team of professionals who specifically trained to zero in on different aspects of the home selling process,” says Kusuma.

In the book, he cites how a doctor’s office operates as an example. When you go in for a surgery, it’s not the surgeon who calls to make the booking. He has the receptionist to do it. The doctor is not the one who will prep you for surgery or wheel you into the operating room—he has nurses to take care of those tasks. He only performs the actual surgery. “He or she does so with skill and undivided attention,” Kusuma writes.

The secret of Team Nuvision’s success is the team itself. Each client gets not one agent but five or six agents, like the customer service manager, the marketing department, buyers’ agents that are only responsible for finding buyers for their clients’ homes.
“As a result, my clients never had to worry about whether I took a weekend off, the way they would if they listed with a single agent. Our team coverage was so well organized and effective that my team provided 24-hour, 7-day a week marketing and backup for their home. There was always someone knowledgeable, competent and experienced handling all inquiries on their home because all the knowledge didn’t reside with just one team member,” writes Kusuma.

To know more about Kusuma’s powerhouse team, read the entire excerpt here:

The Soul of Success will be available on shelves soon.

Team Nuvision is located at 8932 Mission Drive, Suite 102, Rosemead, California. For more information, please call (888) 288-0126 or visit


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