Scanning The Big C, Dentally

Cancer can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. Oral Cancer may not be as media-hyped as the other forms, but the risk is still there. Make sure you are not at risk by visiting Flintridge Dental Studio for an oral cancer screening today

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 | 12:29 pm


One American dies from oral cancer every hour, with a mortality rate that has remained virtually unchanged for 40 years.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels they are at risk unless they smoke or if oral cancer runs in their family. By the time the symptoms become too painful to ignore, it might be too late.

Oral cancer is the largest group of cancers that are found in the head and neck cancer category, and some of the more common names it includes are mouth cancer, tongue cancer, tonsil cancer, and throat cancer.

Symptoms can include a skin lesion, lump, or ulcer that does not cure itself in 14 days, located on the tongue, lip, or other mouth areas. It is usually small and often pale colored, though it can be dark or discolored at times. An early sign may be a white patch or a red patch on the soft tissues of the mouth, and is initially painless. Be aware that these can also be found behind the wisdom tooth, and sometimes behind the ear.

Other symptoms that may accompany the growth or lesion include having tongue problems, difficulty swallowing, mouth sores, and pain.

Fortunately, despite the grim statistics, there’s a 90% cure rate if the cancer is detected early.

If you suspect you are at risk, you can get one of the most effective oral cancer screenings at Flintridge Dental Studio.

Using the newest FDA-approved Vizilite, the oral screening exam involves the use of a specially designed light that is quick and painless. The procedure only takes 2 minutes, and can be incorporated into standard visual examinations.

Though alcohol, tobacco use, and oral HPV infection increases a person’s chance to develop oral cancer, a whopping 25% of those afflicted have never smoked, drank alcohol, or have had any risk factors at all. Which is why Flintridge Dental Studio urges everyone over 18 years of age to have themselves scanned every year to make sure.

With a quick, painless, easy test that can literally save your life, what’s your excuse not to?

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