School Shopping Secrets to Save You Money

Monday, August 24, 2015 | 1:31 am

Crown City Loan and JewelryWhen you start back to school shopping for your kids you probably start making a list of the places you need to head. Department stores? Check. Grocery stores? Check. Pawn shops? Check? Yes, pawn shops are a smart choice when doing major back to school shopping.

When your children are in grade school back to school shopping is pretty basic. You load up your cart with crayons, pencils, folders and glue. You pick up pants and shirts and a new pair of gym shoes. What about when your children are older and heading off to college?

When a child goes off to college that is a huge transition. They still need the basic school supplies and new clothes, but they’ll also need some big ticket items. Your child may need a laptop, smartphone or a bike. When living in a dorm small appliances may also be something you will want to send them off to school with, like a coffee maker, microwave, mini-fridge, or TV.

All those “small” items really can add up.

Where to go to save big on these items? A pawn shop!

Pawn shops, like Crown City Loan in Old Pasadena, carry everything you need to send your child off to college in style. Tablets to computers to cameras to mini refrigerators can all be bought at a pawn shop. Buying used items in great condition is a smart choice to ensure you stick to your budget while your son or daughter gets all the necessary items they need. Plus, even if you know your kid takes care of their things, what about their new roommate? Don’t worry about spending a fortune on new appliances only for them to be trashed in a year.

Pawn shops have ever changing inventory. If you do not find what you want on your first visit plan to head back out a second and third time. Check with your local pawn shop to see about signing up for email or text alerts. That way you have timely knowledge of when the item you want is in stock.

For students of all ages, check out Crown City Loan for their instruments. If your child has signed up for band or musical classes, then they will need their own instrument to practice with. While renting is an option, it can be costly in the end; finding your student’s instrument at a pawn shop can end up saving you money. While every situation is different, if you’re on a budget adding a pawn shop to your check list is a must-do.
Kids are expensive and any time you can save on school supplies then you have definitely scored.

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