Short on Space? Get Rid of Your Bed.

And we’re not suggesting you get a futon.

Friday, May 29, 2015 | 8:09 pm

Moving is always hard, even if you find yourself moving into an ideal situation. But what if you have to downsize and just can’t fit your bed, office, craft room, and wardrobe in the space you have? The answer is pretty simple, actually: a wallbed.

If you’re wondering what exactly a wallbed is and how they might be able to benefit you, you might consider a trip to Wallbeds’n’More in Pasadena.

Their beds are more expensive than traditional beds, because of a mechanism that is costly yet extremely well crafted, making the pieces worth investing. Even with their higher price points, Wallbeds n More continues to attract a wide range of customers. Saunders says she’s helped customers from the age of 14 to 96!

“I had one guy come in a couple of years ago. Actually, he was a 14-year-old! His dad drove him here. He had found us on the Internet. He was excited in their new home but got the smallest bedroom. So mom and dad said he could get a wall bed. Basically, he came in, and he chose his bed and mattress. All dad was here for was to drive him and hand the credit card,” laughs Wallbeds’n’More Stephanie Saunders.

Older customers find themselves heading the Wallbeds’n’More for similar reasons as their youngest customer.

“They go for assisted living and fine they can only afford a studio. They don’t want to look at that bed all the time, especially if they have company or a family over. They want a bed they can get rid of anytime, saving space and giving them more area to socialize.”

The Murphy Chest Bed is a hardwood credenza height cabinet that opens to a spacious queen size bed in less than a minute. An affordable alternative to a wallbed, the Murphy Chest Bed is made of solid hardwood and features premium gel and memory foam mattress. It comes with a sizable storage drawer with easy to roll casters, and it has minimal hinges and moving parts.

“We have sizes starting from twin to full and queen. We have a variety of styles from modern to very traditional.”

One of their famous products is the Library, which, as you might imagine, looks like a library but opens up to a wall bed.

Another hit among customers is the mobile bed. “It’s basically what I call an updated version of grandma’s rollaway,” Saunders says.

This is just a few of the options you can find in Wallbeds n More, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary in Pasadena this August.

Wallbeds n More, which has 20 stores nationwide, primarily offers wallbeds. “It’s a great alternative for your guestroom or your craft room or home office, or anywhere you need an extra bed but don’t want to have it permanently in the room,” says Saunders.

Wallbeds n More is located at 1382 E. Wallnut St. Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 233-8544 or visit

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