Sinus Augmentation Makes for a New Solution to an Old Problem

Monday, June 18, 2018 | 11:36 pm

If you have ever lost any of your back teeth, you will know that eating can become a bit of an issue. Although dental implants are crowns are a viable option for most, some people are just not suitable for the procedure, and are left feeling uncomfortable.

Sinus Lift procedure

Sinus Lift procedure

Experts want you to know about a new and revolutionary procedure, called sinus augmentation, which is suited to those who cannot have dental implants because their sinus cavity is simply too low.

The procedure is pretty simple, according to the experts. All it requires is repositioning the sinus so that there is enough space for the implant to be fitted. Grafting material will be inserted into the mouth to encourage the bone to grow in the area.

Sometimes, an even more straightforward procedure is used. This involves pushing the bone underneath the sinus to lift it. Bone replacement materials are then place underneath to again encourage growth.

Premier Dental Clinic can carry out this procedure in one easy appointment. With a 95% success rate, it makes sense for anyone who is struggling to eat thanks to a loss of teeth. Although it can take up to ten months for the sinus to properly heal, implants can be fitted as soon as this happens, meaning you could have your life changed in less than a year.

Sometimes, things do not go as planned and the procedure doesn’t create enough bone for implants to be fitted. If this is the case, a second sinus augmentation will be carried out to create the desired effect.

Before undergoing a sinus augmentation, your dentist at Premier Dental Clinic will take a few X-rays so he or she can examine your jaw and sinus. You may also need a CT scan for them to analyze it further.

Once the procedure is complete, you will be required to visit the clinic for a follow-up appointment around a week after. This will allow your dentist to see how you are coping and how your mouth is healing. If your stitches haven’t dissolved on their own, the dentist will remove them at this time.

It’s important not to blow your nose or sneeze too strongly if possible as this may loosen the stitches and cause bleeding. You may also need to use saline sprays to keep your nose wet.

If you have read this and think you might be the perfect candidate, then book an appointment with Premier Dental Clinic today. They can examine you to see if a sinus augmentation could help and will talk you through the entire procedure to put your mind at ease.

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