Specialized Care for All Skin Types

Monday, November 3, 2014 | 7:40 pm

All parents have said it; “I was a teenager once too, you know!” Being the case, that means we’ve all experienced it at one point- acne.

With the overwhelming supply of beauty products on the market, there’s a big chance you’ve tried a few that didn’t work out for your teen, or maybe even you yourself.

The products you’re buying may not be right for your skin type.

Gayane Besnelian, resident pharmacist and chief executive officer of Arcade Lane Compounding Pharmacy, recommends undergoing their free skin care analysis to determine your type of skin to better understand how to best treat it, not just for acne but for a range of conditions.

After the analysis, a pharmacist can find the right treatment for your condition. One of Besnelian’s favorite products to recommend are by RX Skin Therapy.

“[They are] formulated by a pharmacist for all skin types…oily, dry, blemished, normal,” says Besnelian, which means just about anyone can benefit from using them.

In addition to treating acne, RX Skin Therapy helps dry skin, wrinkles, dark spots, and other anti-aging concerns. We think that covers a lot of ground!

“Because it’s pharmacist formulated, it’s got double the amount of botanicals than anything that’s on the market. They can only find it in small pharmacies like ours.” Besnelian explains.

“We can also customize creams for dark aging spots or sun spots after consulting with your doctor or dermatologist,” adds Besnelian.

This month is the best time give RX Skin Therapy products a try- all of Besnelian’s stock is 15% off. The sale is currently on and running until the end of November.

Arcade Lane Compounding Pharmacy specializes in providing the best pharmaceutical solutions for dermatology, pain management, and hormone replacement therapy among others.

Arcade Lane Compounding Pharmacy is located at 700 E. Colorado Blvd in Pasadena. For more information, please call (626) 577-7979 or visit http://alcompoundingrx.com/


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