Spirulina Desserts You will Love to Eat

Monday, December 17, 2018 | 1:10 am

Vegans, Vegetarians, and those who just like to eat nutritious foods will love to eat some great tasting desserts full of healthy nutrients and vibrant colors that will make eating then a wonderful change of pace for your nutrition needs.

One of the oldest life forms on Earth, Spirulina is, in fact, partially responsible for making the planet’s atmosphere breathable billions of years ago. That allowed our planet to host originating life forms that became every form of life we have on the planet today.

The Pasadena Certified Farmers Market and Go Spiral Farms would like to introduce you to this high source of nutrients and get you eating healthier so that your body gets all the benefits of this natural wonder.

Spirulina is one of the world’s first superfoods and is one nutrient-rich food that allows those who don’t eat meat to have more proteins, vitamins, minerals, and iron in their diet. Let look:

Adding Spirulina to some sweet desserts at just the right proportions is how these recipes came to be and if you put them to the test, you find that their sweet deliciousness will belay the fact they are healthy as well as good to eat. Try this recipe for Raw Chocolate Mint Grasshopper Pie because it is a crowd-pleaser, perfect special occasions with your family and friends. The spirulina will lend it that light green mint color.

Also, try the raw vegan Marshmallow Cream Cake that is so tasty no one will guess how packed it is with healthy food. It uses chia seeds to give it a texture similar to pudding and using spirulina gives it the mint green layer that gives this cake another splash of color.

While you’re eating your cake, you can also have healthy ice cream too when you use some Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and add a dash of spirulina to make this treat a nutritious delight to top off that delicious cake.

Stop into the Pasadena Certified Farmers Market and pick up some of this superfood and reap the benefits that come with eating this food. You can find many ways to incorporate it into your diet and the more you eat the better off you are. So, pick some up today and live healthier.

Pasadena Certified Farmers Market is located at 2900 block of North Sierra Madre Boulevard, in Pasadena. For more information call (626) 449-0179 or visit http://www.pasadenafarmersmarket.org/VictoryPark.







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