Summer Time and the Reading’s Easy

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 | 10:05 pm

Summer is all about relaxing, whether you are home or abroad, and the best way to spend a relaxing summer day is with a cool breeze and a good book. If you need a great idea for your next beach read then head on over to the Book Rack and check out these three best sellers. You may find it hard to decide and just end up choosing all three.

Jurassic ParkIn honor of the newest movie in the series, why not pick up Michael Chrichton’s Jurassic Park to find out where it all began? Chrichton had the mind of a deliciously evil scientist and created an amazing world where dinosaurs are brought back to life in a theme park. What starts out as a day of fun is about to go horrifyingly wrong. A brilliant work of technologic terror perfect for lazy summer days, just maybe not a theme park.

Paper TownsPaper Towns, a spectacular book by John Green, the writer that caused millions to cry their eyes with the Fault in Our Stars, is back with another coming of age book. Quentin Jacobson finds himself being called outside by the mysterious Margo Roth Speigelman. He follows her throughout the night for an unforgettable experience. Soon though Margo is missing and all that is left behind is a series of clues addressed to Jacob.

Go Set a WatchmanFor decades readers waited for Harper Lee to create the next to Kill a Mockingbird and it was radio silence until now. Book Lovers rejoice and pick up a copy of Go Set a Watchmen. In this novel Scout returns home to the south to visit her elderly father Atticus. On a backdrop of the civil rights era, family tensions and memories will be opened back up and explored by Scout who realizes you must understand and learn from the past before you can let go and move on.

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