Swimwear Season Sizzles this Summer

Monday, June 6, 2016 | 8:20 pm

Although Pasadena is blessed with a perpetual summer, the time after Memorial Day marks the start of the summer season gets us daydreaming about beachside days. But what would a trip to the beach be without a bikini?

That dreaded six-letter word is about to become a little less intimidating thanks to Jenette Bras. Jenette Goldstein, the woman behind the lingerie store, explains that it can be difficult for large-busted women to find the support they need when looking for swimwear and ensure that every woman can find the bikini of her dreams.

“Nobody will buy a bathing suit just because it’s no sale – if it doesn’t fit right, it doesn’t feel good,” she said.

Goldstein adds that most of the styles available for curvy women are matronly one-pieces and this curtails women’s sense of style. Goldstein adds that this can be especially frustrating for large busted teenagers because many juniors’ style suits only come in small, medium and large. Goldstein feels that this sizing system leaves a lot to be desired and can make it impossible for curvy ladies to find a well-fitting suit.

Bikinis, like women, should come in all shapes and sizes. Jenette Bras offers a selection of bra-sized swimwear that includes more structure and support – like underwire and thicker bands – to prevent bathing suit mishaps. These bikinis are engineered like bras and made with similar materials to provide support and structure in and out of the water.

She recommends high-waisted bottoms – because they are both trendy and flattering – and ruched one-pieces to create an hourglass shape. The most important part is to feel confident by wearing something you love and rocking what you’ve got.

“Women come in here and are shocked that they have a choice and that it fits,” said Goldstein.

In addition to swimwear, she prides herself on helping curvy ladies find beautiful and well-fitting bras. Swimwear was an addition to her inventory but – with Pasadena’s perpetual sunshine – it only made sense to stock bikinis too. Although Jenette Bras carries bathing suits year round, Goldstein says that the best selection is in February or early March.

”When you find something that fits it feels better and you feel like yourself,” she added.

Jenette Bras is located at 18 East Holly Street. Call (626) 744-9484 or visit www.jenettebras.com.




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