Take the Workout Home with Health Coach Bill Shuttic’s Functional Fitness Videos

Thursday, May 2, 2019 | 8:26 pm

Fitness guru and health coach Bill Shuttic has quite the diverse fitness resume.

He’s studied Aikido and Iaido (the art of Japanese swordsmanship) abroad, is a trained massage therapist, personal trainer, and nutritionist, founded Ulti-Health (a members-only health and wellness program), and currently traverses across greater LA as a personal Health & Fitness concierge, among other things. He calls his system The Complete Wellness System.

Later this week, the Functional Fitness class that he teaches at the South Pasadena Senior Center will be available to purchase online. Three videos—Level 1 being easy, Level 2 being moderate, Lever 3 being challenging—can be purchased individually or as a set.

For seniors looking to stay active, the videos are a great way to bring the workout home. Quite frankly, the videos might be the only way to take Shuttic’s Functional Fitness Class, because spots are extremely limited at the South Pasadena Senior Center. (He is available to teach classes at other locations.)


What is functional fitness? For active seniors, functional fitness is a way to feel younger.

“It’s not just exercise—it’s left-right coordination, balance, cardio, and things of that nature…it’s not your regular fitness class,” said Shuttic.

Each 50-minute class equips seniors with practical muscle memory that helps in everyday activities—like getting up from a comfy reading chair, or reaching towards a high cabinet, or just moving around the house.

Shuttic’s been leading the class for the past two-and-a-half years at the South Pasadena Senior Center, and frankly, the end’s not in sight.

He’s incorporated a great deal of legwork into the program, notably marching, multi-directional lunges, and squats. “As people age, they tend to start shuffling their feet and they don’t walk with their normal gait,” said Shuttic. Leg strength is very important.


The movements that younger folks take for granted can take a great deal more effort when we’re older. As simple as it might seem, a marching exercise re-accustoms folks with the physical effort that is required for walking up stairs or stepping off curbs, for example.

The class at the South Pasadena Senior Center is geared towards seniors that are relatively fit or younger folks who haven’t been to the gym in a while.

The class can be considered a viable entry point for anyone who wants to start a fitness regimen from scratch—no matter the age.

Don’t assume it’s just an easy walk in the park. “The comments are always, ‘This is a lot harder than I thought!’”

“Everybody will sweat—I sweat just teaching it,” said Shuttic.

The Functional Fitness teachings are just another delectable item on Shuttic’s vast menu of health and wellness offerings. Visit the Ulti-Health website (listed below) to access more of Shuttic’s well-read fitness encyclopedia. He is available for individual concierge clients or group classes.

Visit ulti-health.com or call 310-413-0514 for more information.







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