Technology Brings You A More Comfortable Root Canal Experience

Thursday, May 16, 2019 | 8:43 pm

You may be faced with having to have a root canal at some point in your life. (Cue the grimace!) Root canals are traditionally painful, but new technology means you don’t have to leave the dentist feeling like a hundred miles of bad road anymore.

To find out more, we asked Dr. Karineh Assatourian, a local dentist who performs root canals at her 2-location practice called Premier Dental Clinic.

Dr. Assatourian tells us that rotary endodontics is a revolutionary form of technology that aims to make root canal quicker and more comfortable for dental patients. It involves using a new electrical instrument made from a flexible metal called nickel titanium.

Due to this metal’s flexibility and ease of movement, the entire root canal procedure is made much faster and is less likely to stress or damage the pathway of the tooth.

Unfortunately, not all dental clinics have this new technology as of yet, but experts believe it will soon become the standard in dental care.

Dr. Assatourian says that at her clinics, because of this technology, if you book a root canal appointment with Premier Dental Clinic you’re guaranteed to walk out relatively pain-free. While root canals can still be a little sore, using rotary endodontics means that you won’t be subject to any unnecessary pain.

The entire procedure will be much quicker and more comfortable for you too. By using this new equipment, the experts at Premier Dental Clinic are saving you from that awful grinding sound that’s equivalent to nails being scraped along a chalkboard.

So if you need to have a root canal (or suspect that this might be the case somewhere down the line), book an appointment with Premier Dental Clinic and learn more about this impressive equipment. You’d have to be mad to pass this one up.

Premier Dental Clinic is located at 777 S. Arroyo Parkway, Unit #104, in Pasadena. For more information call (323) 255-4600 or visit







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