The Benefits Of Small Gym Workouts And Trying ‘Functional Fitness’

Sunday, October 27, 2019 | 9:09 pm

DSC00669Gym memberships give you access to the facility, however, what about understanding how to use the complex equipment, ways to use it correctly, and seeing results that go beyond physical appearance–like your brain?

Functional fitness is the new wave of working out and science is here to prove its benefits with the ageing population in mind at the forefront.

Designed by owner, Lynne Young, to be a “fitness sanctuary”, Inner Image is the perfect place for active adults and seniors to experience the lifelong benefits of functional fitness while avoiding the crowded, impersonal feel of traditional high traffic health clubs and gyms.

Clients enjoy an inviting atmosphere in which personal, individualized attention is key to the atmosphere of the gym’s services.

The Inner Image mission is to inspire each member to achieve their best health through enjoyable fitness and nutrition which is goal-based, challenging and results driven.

Regardless of where you are on your wellness journey, the smaller setup will help you working to achieve a healthier, happier and more fulfilled lifestyle.


At Inner Image, the staff have the extra education to know how to properly work with mature adult fitness and to train according to a Functional Training Model using the key foundations of specificity and progression.

The sessions address cognition, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, balance and mobility in a safe and effective manner.

A little bit about functional fitness…

Functional fitness is evidence-based programming that challenges all components of function leading to its improvement. The focus is on the replication of daily tasks with special attention on motor control and coordination, muscle power, sensory integration, balance, stability, and agility. Its primary goal is to train “movement”, not simply muscles, in an effort to ensure that improvements transfer over to everyday life.


The gym is also expected to create a new program specializing in cancer exercise as well as a brain exercise program which aims to promote the growth of brain cells and to help people battling Alzheimer’s and dementia and other types of brain diseases.

These small group and private sessions include the following classes to get you active and keep you moving in your daily life:

FUNctional Strength Training

Resistance exercises designed to enhance the relationship between the muscular and nervous systems. These exercises result in increased strength and power necessary to improve movements essential to making activities of daily living easier to perform. Offered in three separate modules as total body, upper body and lower body.

FUNctional Flexibility Training

Total body training using dynamic stretching techniques and exercises that concentrate on improving range of motion, posture and muscle imbalances to improve quality of life by preventing injury, decreasing pain and improving balance and mobility.

FUNctional Balance

Training that focuses on developing real-life movement patterns through the interaction of sensory, muscular and nervous systems designed to create stability necessary to maintain a desired body position. Functional balance is an integral part of daily living.

FUNctional Agility & Coordination

Training designed to improve the ability to coordinate ones body and senses (ie. hand/eye coordination) to produce smooth and efficient movements and increased reaction times. Agility and coordination are essential to daily task performance, injury reduction and fall prevention.

FUNctional Core Training

Training core muscles essential for spinal stability. Emphasis is on the body’s center of gravity to increase movement efficiency and to build a solid base allowing the body to stand upright and strong.

To take setup a tour, book a session, and to learn more, visit

Inner Image, 960 E. Green Street, Pasadena. (626) 243-3908.






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