The Future Of Dentistry Is Here, and Now You Can Take Advantage

Friday, May 25, 2018 | 7:34 pm

A trip to the dentist can often be costly and involve a lot of your time. This may take longer if you need treatment that requires multiple trips to the dentist to complete.

The traditional method of getting a new crown from start to finish can be time-consuming. First, you will have an imprint of your teeth made, which involves applying impression material over your teeth. You’ll bite down on the trays, which can feel uncomfortable. Then you will have a temporary crown for days or even a few weeks. Finally, you will need to return to have the permanent one fitted and installed.

New innovations in the dental industry means you can now forsake those numerous appointments. Dr Michael Yung is one dentist utilizing the E4D machine. This revolutionary device removes the impression process and the need for a temporary crown, meaning you can leave with your permanent crown fitted in the same appointment.

So how does it work? Well, the E4D allows your dentist to create your crown right there in their office, rather than sending impressions off to a lab. Watch this video to see how everything works:

The machine takes digital impressions of your tooth in a matter of minutes with a laser scanner ensuring accuracy and safety.

Your dentist will then use technologically advanced software to design the perfect fitting crown. Finally, the E4D milling machine physically creates the crown; a process which you can witness yourself if you’re interested.

This new process should still be covered by your insurance as it is the exact same type of crown as the one you used to have to wait for.

So if you’re fed up with waiting weeks for your crown to be made and delivered, visit Dr Yung’s office for a hassle-free appointment, and leave the office with a new crown within a couple hours. What a treat.

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