The Koffa Design Group Launches “SOFIA MUSU by Koffa” an African Print T-Shirt Line and One-of-kind-sewn Products Line

A New Line Created Using African Graphic Prints and Fabrication by Pasadena Designer, Koffa

Monday, April 21, 2014 | 7:22 pm

Pasadena designer and owner of The Koffa Design Group, Koffajuah Toeque-Slyusar debuts her new product line, website, one-of-a-kind separates, and t-shirts under the brand name of “SOFIA MUSU by Koffa” an apparel line that infuses African fashion inspired by western fashion culture and style. It is her fresh take on what she loves both about being an American and an Liberian.

Koffajuah Toeque-Slyusar has launched SOFIA MUSU by Koffa clothing line, starting with a collection of ‘printed t-shirts’ and one-of-kind-sewn products. It is made 100 percent in the United States with fabric imported from West African Countries and surrounding African nations. The design and development of each piece is done in Pasadena at The Koffa Design Group with a focus on making fun, artistic, and simplistic looks for women and men. The line is starting out with t-shirts for both men and women that are printed with African inspired graphics while the sewn product line is a combination of fun flirty tops and bottoms made from primarily imported African printed fabric and wax cloth. The main idea behind is this line is to bring together Toeque-Slyusar since of style and her cultural background from being American and West African. Toeque-Slyusar was born in Los Angeles, CA and her parents are from Liberia, West Africa. Since she was a little girl, she has be designing fashion with inspiration coming from American, European, and African Designers. She decided to create this line as she has always been inspired to make unique apparel that tells a story of heritage infused with style.

SOFIA MUSU by Koffa (which can be found at and can be followed on the The Koffa Design Groups retail facebook page at SHOPTKDG.

In addition, Toeque-Slyusar plans to debut pieces from her upcoming collections during fashion week in Los Angeles.

The brand new line ” SOFIA MUSU by Koffa ” is here and will be and continue to roll out designs inspired by Western and African Culture.

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