The Man Behind the Kilt: J.T. Centonze

Monday, October 5, 2015 | 1:00 pm

DSC_0954If you’ve heard of men going pant-less in Pasadena recently, there’s no need to avert your eyes. These few brave men are among a growing group of comfort-seeking kilt-wearers. The most prominent brave heart in this kilt revival is J.T. Centonze, owner of Off Kilter Kilts.

These knee-length pleated skirts have mystery in every fold. After wearing kilts for 10 years, Centonze knows his way around the tartan and plaid world. But there are many things the average person doesn’t know about kilts.

Kilts are not just for the Scottish. Centonze is a proud Italian kilter and sells many kilts made in the U.S.

“We’re an Italian family and there aren’t a lot of traditionally-made Italian Kilts,” he said.

Kilts can represent clans and be a symbol of national pride or just a free-flowing fashion choice.

But, the most common question people ask is what do you wear under a kilt? Centonze replies, “Whatever you feel comfortable with…Scotland is cloudy and green but in L.A there’s sunshine and reflective concrete, and there are some places you just don’t want a sunburn.”

IMG_20150930_105748Off Kilter Kilts is here to protect your sensitive bits and free your legs from the confines of pants and society. From ceremonial kilts to casual everyday kilts, you can kilt in your own style. Browse from over 60 tartans or choose an everyday khaki or black. Or wear a utility kilt with deep pockets to carry your tools on the job, just be careful who stands under your ladder.

“People don’t realize that you can wear kilts anywhere and anybody can wear them,“ said Centonze. He started wearing kilts “on a lark” and hasn’t stopped since.

“I bought a kilt and said ‘you know, this is the direction I’d like to go’ and I was right. It was extremely comfortable, convenient and it just made sense,” said Centonze.

Liberate your legs and give plaid a chance. You may end up abandoning pants all together and become one of the pants-less few.

Off Kilter Kilts is located at 2610 East Colorado Blvd Pasadena, California. Call them at (626) 817-9999 or visit for more information.

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