The Real Beauty of Cosmetic Surgery

Monday, August 3, 2015 | 8:05 pm

Trinity Aftercare 2ndWhen you imagine the type of person who wants to get a nose job, you might imagine someone who is a bit vain.

But Erion Taylor, owner of Trinity Aftercare, has seen her share of plastic surgery patients and can attest to the fact that this is a generalization and misconception.

“I can tell you a story of a woman who had her nose bitten off in the Middle East by her husband. She came over here to have a new nose made for her,” says Erion Taylor, owner of Trinity Aftercare. “Or people who are burns victims and their scars are removed. Breast cancer survivors having their breasts re-done.”

Cosmetic surgery has become a common phenomenon. It is not unusual for the average person to have their nose changed because it’s crooked or to have a facelift at a certain age. If you don’t like the way you look, it can be as easy as booking an appointment and a few days of recovery time.
When we think about cosmetic surgery we rarely think about people who have it done not through choice, but because they are forced to. Because life has dealt them a bad card and cosmetic surgery is the only answer to making them feel normal again.

Taylor says it is these people, who are striving to look on the outside the way they feel on the inside or are trying to get back something they lost, that make her job worthwhile.

“I love meeting different people, their stores, and being there to help them in a vulnerable moment.” Taylor tells us. “I had this preconceived notion of cosmetic surgery that only rich people have it and I found out that that’s not always the case.”

From mothers who have dedicated their lives and their bodies to their children or people who have worked so hard to lose a lot of weight only to find their body still would not return to the way they remembered it due to excess skin, Taylor discovered bravery in these patients who took the step to do something important for themselves.

“They were having procedures done that that was the best for themselves and it was an eye opening experience for me.”

Trinity Aftercare specializes in the aftercare of patients booked in for Cosmetic Surgery. They pride themselves in providing a zen like environment, promoting healing and recovery.

“I just fell in love with patients” says Taylor of her role at Trinity Aftercare “I had a patient who was transitioning to a woman. His wife was with him and she was going through all the emotions of losing her husband. Not only was I there to cater to the patient, but I was there for the moral support of the wife as she watched her husband transition, and I was amazed with her strength as she stood by her husband.”

This is the real beauty of cosmetic surgery. The stories of people who are trying to find their true self. Not the enhanced version of themselves, but their true self, the person they feel on the inside replicated on the outside, so they can be free.

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