The Sauza-Mijares Connection

One of the participating Tequila distillers in Mijares' 93rd Anniversary is Sauza Tequila. What not many know, however, is the deeper connection between the two.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 | 11:39 am

Mijares is one of the oldest businesses in Pasadena, and is the oldest Mexican Restaurant in the area. In its 93rd anniversary, one of the participating tequila brands is Sauza Tequila, arguably the first and last name in fine tequila.

But Mijares and Sauza have a much deeper connection than just the upcoming anniversary. Brandon Bartlett, Senior Sales Manager for Beam, Inc., owners of Sauza Tequila says, “Mijares has been using Sauza Tequila as their house tequila for years and years. I’ve been dealing with Mijares for the last eight years and the Mijares/Sauza relationship started way before me.”

Why Sauza? Perhaps it’s because Mijares appreciates quality margaritas, and Sauza produces arguably the best. “Sauza has a certain flavor profile that they really like which is why they use it for their house margarita,” says Bartlett.

“Sauza has got a very, very fresh agave flavor. If you try tequila side by side, you’re going to find some that tastes very, very sweet. You’re going to taste some that tastes very, very hot, meaning high alcohol or this burning sensation. Sauza pride itself on just a very light, fresh agave taste,” Bartlett adds.

The reason for this special taste, Bartlett explains, it because, “we use a gentle extraction method when making our tequila. Once the agave has been harvested, it basically becomes liquid within 24 hours, so the agave isn’t sitting around. When we say fresh, we literally mean fresh. It’s almost as if a fisherman catches a fish and it’s on the table that night.”

Tequila lovers worldwide appreciate the quality Sauza produces, and the brand has won numerous awards over the years. When asked what some of these awards are, Bartlett says, “There’s literally too many to list. Every spirit award that’s out there, we won at one shape or form.”

Bartlett adds, “The Sauza Tequila that they (Mijares) are using in their fresh house margaritas, is Sauza Gold. We recently came out with Sauza Blue which is 100% blue agave. Also very popular on the high end scale is Sauza Hornitos. It’s the next step up. Tres Generaciones is also part of the premium family line up and is 100% organic. New additions to the Sauza family also include Hornitos Lime Shot and Sauza XA which is an Extra Anejo that’s been aged three years.”

Interesting to note, is that Don Cenobio Sauza, founder of Sauza Tequila, was the first person to introduce tequila to the masses.
As Bartlett explains, “Don Cenobio Sauza, he was literally the first guy to call what everybody was making ‘tequila,’ and he was also the first guy to export to the US. So the Sauza family, like the Mijares family, has been around a long time.”

The tradition and history behind Sauza and Mijares, Bartlett believes, may be “one of the reasons that we all get along so well with R-lene and Alice and Tom. Sauza is a strong family and the Mijares family is a strong family. I think they respect that.”

Two strong families. Two respected names. Each supporting each other and respecting each other. Ham and eggs, wine and cheese, Mijares and Sauza. It just fits.

Mijares Restaurant is located at 145 Palmetto Drive. To learn more about Mijares, visit or call (626) 792-2763.

To find out more about Sauza Tequila, check out for more details.




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